1951 West Kitchen & Bar Upgrades its Venue’s Interior

1951 West Kitchen gives its interior a new look with new restaurant booths and wood bar stools from Restaurant Furniture Canada.









Canadian leading commercial grade furniture assists 1951 Kitchen with restaurant seating for its venue by providing wood booths and wood bar stools.

Located in West Ottawa, 1951 West Kitchen & Bar aims to provide guests with an ambiance that allows them to dine in comfort. The mission statement of this restaurant is to ensure the ultimate dining experience among guests through service, food, and drinks with the hope of converting them to loyal customers. West does their best to offer a unique, fun experience for its customers. This venue has something for everyone whether you want to impress your date with a romantic dinner or watch a game.

West also invites you to site back for a glass of wine or watch a game in their lounge. They also have a large separate dining room for social affairs. They guarantee customer satisfaction with the focus on serving exceptional quality food combined with excellent service at prices that deliver value for the meal.

As West grew in popularity in West Ottawa, the owner felt that the venue needed an upgrade with its look. He needed restaurant furniture that would match the warm, rustic, modern décor of his establishment. He saw Restaurant Furniture Canada as the solution for his seating needs. Without wasting further time, he contacted the restaurant furniture supplier to rearrange West’s layout.

He furnished his dining space with the Button Tufted Back Booths. These restaurant booths are designed to provide guests with maximum comfort and added measure of privacy. Like all of Restaurant Furniture Canada’s items, these booths are built to withstand daily uses in high traffic commercial environments. The repeating diamond pattern with buttons featured on these restaurant booths adds an air of sophistication to any dining venue which is one of the many reasons why the owner ordered them.









For the lounge, he purchased a set of 54 Ladder Back Bar Stools. These wood bar stools make an attractive addition for bars, cafes, or restaurants. Their classic and elegant looks compliment any décor. These bar stools boast of long lasting durability from their superior construction. These stylishly designed wood bar stools exude a warm and inviting quality to any location which is what the owner wanted for West.

To surf through Restaurant Furniture Canada’s full selection of chairs, table tops, table bases, booths, bar stools, and patio furniture, visit: or contact a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222.

1951 West Kitchen $ Bar is located at 1951 Robertson Road Ottawa, ON K2H 5B7, Canad. They can be reached at (613) 596-1611.


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LA Restaurant gets New Restaurant Seating for its Venue from Seating Masters









Dirty Dog upgrades its restaurant seating with new plain back booths, wood veneer table tops, and cast iron X prong table bases provided by Seating Masters.

Leading manufacturer in commercial grade furniture has teamed up with the staff at Dirt Dog to upgrade the décor of their venue with new furniture for their restaurant seating.

A restaurant with the name “Dirt Dog” may be a poor marketing decision in any other city. In LA, however, it seems to be an exception. Dirt Dog has made strides of LA, taking street food to a whole new level by creating recipes and using high quality ingredients. The food is prepared right in front of guests who look on with awe. The bacon wrapped hot dog grilled on a cart seems to be an enjoyable midnight snack.

Located down the street from University of Southern California, Dirt Dog provides a few mouthwatering signature options from the classic House Dirt Dog made with Nathan’s beef served along with onions, bell peppers accompanied with house made Thousand Island bacon sauce to the Red Dirt Dog presented with a spicy tomato chili sauce and chipotle aioli spread. Their menu also features vegetarian options such as soy-based hot dogs. Customers can choose from traditional, lobster, or Portuguese buns.

As a successful business venture inspired from a childhood memory, Dirt Dog is frequented by hungry customers at many hours of the day. The owner was in need of new furniture for his venue. With expertise acquired through years of experience of working in the restaurant business, Seating Masters presented a solution to the owner’s restaurant seating needs. Seating Masters was able to help him with his seating layout and select the appropriate restaurant furniture to maximize the potential of his dining space.

For seating, he selected several Plain Back Booths, both single and double. Starting at $205.00, this custom made restaurant booth is manufactured, and upholstered with American made materials. This restaurant booth is customizable in both shape and size. A wide variety of vinyl or fabric upholstery options are provided to design the booth to match any décor.

He then ordered several Veneer Wood Table Tops for $54.00 each. This commercial grade wood table top is constructed of 1 ½” solid wood. Each of them comes with a standard eased edge. 5 different wood finishes are available for these wood table tops. They also undergo a seven stage staining process that guarantees lasting durability and resistance to heavy usage which is what the owner needed.

The wood table tops were assembled with X Prong Table Bases which the owner purchased. Selling for $26.00 each (along with additional costs for the base size), this cast iron table base features a black coated powder finish. Each of these cast iron table bases are designed to support any table top. Adjustable non-marring glides are installed to ensure floor protection.

To browse at Seating Masters full selection of restaurant furniture from chairs, table tops, table bases, bar stools, booths to patio furniture, visit: or contact a sales representative toll-free at (888) 941-6888 with your questions and/or assistance with your order.

Dirt Dog is located at 2528 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90007. They can be reached at (213) 749-1813.

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Jamaican Themed Restaurant Furnishes its Establishment their New Seating from Restaurant Furniture Canada

Canadian based leading restaurant supplier upgrades the layout of Jamaican themed eatery with a new set of comfortable restaurant booths.










As Canada’s most trusted leading restaurant importer, Restaurant Furniture Canada was able to fulfill the restaurant seating needs of Xaymaca Restaurant by furnishing their venue with new restaurant booths.

Known by loyal customers and guests for being an upscale restaurant and bar in Brampton, Xaymaca Restaurant is a refined Jamaican diner conceived out of a long life dream to introduce Jamaican cuisine to the locals. Xaymaca aims to create a pleasant dining experience to all of their guests with delicious, mouthwatering food coupled with superior customer service. Visitors are greeted with their warm earth tone décor, friendly wait staff and a warm atmosphere. Full table services are provided along with professional yet courteous staff.  There is no need to travel to the Caribbean when you can enjoy a chicken poutine made from the same ingredients in Ontario.

But that’s not all. Their catering services are sure to enhance any social event. Catering is the root of this restaurant. The owners at Xamaca apply their expertise as former caterers by servicing to weddings, corporate events, and other large social functions.  Filled with resources, the owners felt Bampton was a perfect location for their venue. Xamaca invites guests to experience the taste of Jamaica with their many generations of homemade Jamaican recipes that customer continue to enjoy. The culture, music, drinks and food will give guests a newfound appreciation towards Jamaican culture as well as the warm ambiance that the restaurant exudes.

As more customers pile into the restaurant, the owners felt that they needed a restaurant seating upgrade. They contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada for further assistance. The Button Tufted Back Booth was a perfect solution for their restaurant seating needs so they placed an order for 6 sets. Crafted in the US, these restaurant booths start at $340.00 a set. They are a popular choice among upscale bistros and restaurants primarily due to the customization options that are provided. These restaurant booths can be adjusted accordingly to provide maximum comfort and functionality. The button tuft design highlights the décor of any venue.

To learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths, and patio furniture, visit: or talk to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for all inquiries on restaurant furniture.

Xaymaca Restaurant is located at 30 Kennedy Rd S. Brampton, ON

L6W 3E2.  They can be reached at 905-874-8128


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Metal Galaxy Social Games & Bistro Renovates its Layout with New Restaurant Furniture

Calgary store specializing in games and food gets a metallic look for its décor with new restaurant booths with dark grey upholstery, reversible table tops, and cast iron table bases supplied by Restaurant Furniture Canada.








Having relocated from Haddon Road to a new premise on MacLeod Trail back in January 2016, Metal Galaxy has come a long way to being a hub for games and food in Calgary. As a store that specializes in card games, board games, Metal Galaxy has outgrown its space after 4 years in operation. Their current larger venue now includes an on-site eatery but still remains a medina for game lovers.

According to Metal Galaxy’s owner Pascal Espinosa, the concept behind the new outpost and setup has been in the making for several years. He felt that there was a demand for a new space layout for his venue in Calgary. Part gaming store, part bistro, and board game café; Metal Galaxy features over 300 hundred board games and an expanding board game library for patrons to play at their leisure.

At the stores new location, Espinosa aims to bring families back together to socialize and play games as well as offer a venue for date night, weekly events, and social affairs. The menu, upgraded by French Chef Thierry Meret from Cuisine et Chateau, features gourmet paninis, flatbreads, salads and desserts which customers immensely enjoy in between games.

While renovating Metal Galaxy’s new location, Espinosa needed restaurant furniture that would match the metallic décor he wanted to create. Restaurant Furniture Canada was up for the task. As Canada’s leading manufacturer for top quality commercial grade furniture cemented with superior customer service, Restaurant Furniture Canada was able to employ their expertise and experience in the food industry in helping Espinosa achieve the metallic look he wanted for Metal Galaxy.








He contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada and ordered a set of 6 Plain Back Booths. He customized these restaurant booths with seating upholstery in dark grey which perfectly offset the site’s steel interior. Economically priced, this American made custom booth starts at $245.00. Customers can design this booth to their specifications with a variety of customization options for seating, length, height, and shape.

He then furnished his dining space with 14 Reversible Table Tops assembled together with X Prong Table Bases.  The mahogany and the black finish on the table tops gave his layout a sleek look which he was pleased with. The cast iron table bases that he purchased from Restaurant Furniture Canada seamlessly completed his dining tables as they are designed for lasting durability and support.

To learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths, and patio furniture, visit: or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for all inquiries on restaurant furniture.

Metal Galaxy is currently located at 4624 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary – AB. They can be reached at (403) 253-1414.


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Restaurant Furniture Canada helps Vietnamese Restaurant Upgrade its Seating

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture manufacturer has helps Golden Bell Saigon upgrade its seating with a new set of restaurant 6 channel booths and Interchangeable back metal chair with 3 slats.










Restaurant Furniture Canada has collaborated with the management staff at Golden Bell Saigon to organize the layout of their venue with new restaurant seating.

Within the last decade, Vietnamese cuisine has become mainstream in the food culture of Calgary. The reasonable food prices and decent size portions has locals flocking to Golden Bell Saigon. Boasting of its diverse population and multiculturalism, Calgary was very welcoming towards this restaurant and diners relish the authentic Vietnamese dishes served to them. Golden Bell Saigon has been raved by diners and food critics alike for satisfying their taste buds. The banh xeo , aka Vietnamese pancake is recommended in lieu of pho. This pancake epitomizes Vietnamese cuisine which requires a minimum amount of oil while using copious amounts of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Their grilled lemongrass chicken vermicelli is perfect for a hot summer day. It is a salad made of rice noodles, shredded lettuce, carrots, mint, basil, crushed peanuts, and bean sprouts. This dish makes for a wholesome meal unto itself! Nothing concludes a meal at Golden Bell Saigon than an avocado shake or Vietnamese iced coffee. Golden Bell Saigon also has a patio if you are looking to have an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. If you are new to Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant will convert you into a connoisseur. In efforts to offer their patron high class dining at their venue, management at Golden Bell Saigon was in need of a seating upgrade.

They contacted the experts at Restaurant Furniture Canada who were able to assist them in their restaurant seating upgrade. They first ordered several sets of the 6 Channel Booths. Like most custom restaurant booths at Restaurant Furniture Canada, the 6 Channel booths are exclusively custom made to the customer’s specifications. Customization includes length, height, and shape. Starting from only $295.00 a piece, these restaurant booths come in a variety of vinyl and fabrics to match the décor of any establishment. That is what prompted Golden Bell Saigon to purchase these booths.










Next, they selected a set of 52 of Interchangeable Back Metal Chairs with 3 Slats. Affordably priced at $57.00 per chair, these American made restaurant chairs feature 3 slats design and come standard with either a solid wood seat or upholstered vinyl padding. In contrast to most restaurant furniture manufacturers, Restaurant Furniture Canada makes commercial grade chairs that are constructed with a 1 inch solid wood seat and a fully welded frame. The frame of this restaurant chair is comprised of a powder coated finish. Plastic gliders are included as well.

To learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths, and patio furniture, visit: or talk to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for all inquiries on restaurant furniture.

Golden Bell Saigon is located at 6008 MacLoed Trail SW Calgary, AB T2H 0K1 Canada. For questions about their hours of operations and services, they can be reached at (403) 253-8222.

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America’s Highly Trusted Restaurant Furniture Vendor Assists Brewery with Its Grand Opening







Brewery in Cedar Park redesigns its layout with new restaurant booths from Seating Masters leading up to its grand opening.

Seating Masters, America’s most trusted manufacturer in high-quality commercial grade furniture has helped Whitestone Brewery in renovating the interior design of its venue with a set of brand new restaurant booths.

There is nothing that concludes a week than a cold mug of freshly brewed beer. Whitestone Brewery makes a perfect place to unplug and unwind after a hard day at work. Located in Cedar Park Texas, this brewery employs professional beer connoisseurs for customers who are looking for adventure. The Konverter Kolsch is the biggest rave among most of the brewery’s customers.  Crisp and clean, this beer is highly recommended by beerologists as its smooth on the tongue.

The warm warehouse feel attracts customers to this brewery. With a perfectly layout bar and aligned restaurant furniture, Whitestone Brewery projects an inviting ambiance to the guests it services to.  There are several picnic tables and enough seating for customers in the brewery’s covered patio with accent lighting.  It also provides larger tables and chairs for customers who prefer to dine inside the venue. The only drawback is that the restaurant doesn’t serve food. Instead, there are food trucks in the patio.  Whitestone Brewery also has live music and hosts performers to entertain guests with folk music.

Ever since Whitestone Brewery made waves among both local and visitors in Cedar Park, the owner was in need of more seating due do the expansion of the clientele.  He required the expertise from Seating Masters for help in renovating the interior design of his restaurant in hopes to draw more customers.  With of experience in the restaurant business, Seating Masters became one of America’s most reliable suppliers of restaurant furniture.  Having refurbished old establishments multiple times as well as furnishing new restaurants, Seating Masters was able to facilitate in Whitestone Brewery’s grand opening.

The owner purchased a set of L-shaped Plain Back Booths with two sections. Customized to fit the demands of the costumer in height, length, or shape, this restaurant booth’s price starts at $205.00. The available standard shapes for this booth are single, double, wall bench, L-shape, ½ circle, and ¾ circle. Customers are provided with a large selection of upholstery options from Seating Masters. They are also welcome to use their own materials to adjust this restaurant booth accordingly.

Whitestone Brewery is located at 601 E. Whitestone Blvd. No.500 Cedar Park, TX 78613. For information about their business hours and services, they can be reached at (512) 765-4828.

To learn more about Seating Masters full selection of restaurant furniture from chairs, table tops, table bases, bar stools, booths to patio furniture, visit: or contact a sales representative toll-free at (888) 941-6888.

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