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Sushi Nami Upgrades its Restaurant Seating with New Furniture

Sushi restaurant in Halifax works together with Canada’s leading restaurant furniture supplier in upgrading the venue’s seating layout with new metal restaurant chairs, booths, and table sets.


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Restaurant Furniture Canada assists Sushi Nami in redesigning the restaurant’s dining space with new button tuft booths, metal chairs, and laminated table tops secured with cast iron table bases.

If you appreciate innovation and authenticity, Sushi Nami may be just what you need. Located in the heart of Halifax, this sushi restaurant serves food that incorporates local ingredients with traditional culinary techniques.  Rather than sticking to rigid guidelines and ingredients, Sushi Nami fuses honesty, awareness and balance while having fun in preparing its dishes. Specialty rolls or maki made with sushi rice is a recent trend in most Japanese restaurants, especially at Sushi Nami.

With 12 successful years in the business, Sushi Nami’s goal is to make its brand Canada’s favorite dining spot with customer-first as its philosophy. The size of the storefront may give you the impression of a tiny sushi counter at first. As a matter of fact, it stretches from the sidewalk patio. Upon entry, you are greeted by the splashy red and black décor along with the staff whose attire coordinates with the color scheme. From rolls and dumplings to salads and even desserts, there are bountiful of textures and tastes at work on each plate.

Reputable for its authentic Japanese food experience and phenomenal services, the owner wanted to maintain the restaurant’s status with furniture that is not only high quality but stylish as well.  He turned to Restaurant Furniture Canada, a well-known restaurant furniture manufacturer. With over thousands of restaurant chairs, booths, and bar stools in stock, Restaurant Furniture Canada offers many styles and designs to select from. Having worked in the food industry for 12 years, Restaurant Furniture Canada was able to assist the owner with his furniture needs.












For the tables, he chose from the Custom Self Edge Laminated Table Tops as the size, shape, and color can be adjusted to meet your needs. Paired with durable X Prong Table Bases like the owner did, you are presented with high quality long lasting restaurant tables that perfectly match with any décor. Additionally, you have a wider choice of finished designs with a choice of wood edges in different stains.

Built for the rigorous demands of his restaurant, the owner saw these Brown Metal Chairs cushioned with black vinyl upholstery as the answer. Supported by a sturdy metal frame, these metal restaurant chairs provide additional comfort and are made to last. With the right padding, patrons can dine in luxury which was crucial to the owner.

Designed for style and built for permanence, these Button Tufted Back Booths are exclusively made in the USA by Restaurant Furniture Canada’s skilled craftsmen. Constructed of American materials, these restaurant booths are designed to withstand heavy usage in high traffic dining establishments such as Sushi Nami. Customization options are provided and these booths can be altered in size or shape to meet your specifications.  A wide variety of fabric and vinyl options are available as well.

Learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a sales representative at (888) 998-4222.

Visit Sushi Nami at 827 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS B4A 0J1 Canada. They can also be reached at (902) 407-4649.

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America’s Highly Trusted Restaurant Furniture Vendor Assists Brewery with Its Grand Opening







Brewery in Cedar Park redesigns its layout with new restaurant booths from Seating Masters leading up to its grand opening.

Seating Masters, America’s most trusted manufacturer in high-quality commercial grade furniture has helped Whitestone Brewery in renovating the interior design of its venue with a set of brand new restaurant booths.

There is nothing that concludes a week than a cold mug of freshly brewed beer. Whitestone Brewery makes a perfect place to unplug and unwind after a hard day at work. Located in Cedar Park Texas, this brewery employs professional beer connoisseurs for customers who are looking for adventure. The Konverter Kolsch is the biggest rave among most of the brewery’s customers.  Crisp and clean, this beer is highly recommended by beerologists as its smooth on the tongue.

The warm warehouse feel attracts customers to this brewery. With a perfectly layout bar and aligned restaurant furniture, Whitestone Brewery projects an inviting ambiance to the guests it services to.  There are several picnic tables and enough seating for customers in the brewery’s covered patio with accent lighting.  It also provides larger tables and chairs for customers who prefer to dine inside the venue. The only drawback is that the restaurant doesn’t serve food. Instead, there are food trucks in the patio.  Whitestone Brewery also has live music and hosts performers to entertain guests with folk music.

Ever since Whitestone Brewery made waves among both local and visitors in Cedar Park, the owner was in need of more seating due do the expansion of the clientele.  He required the expertise from Seating Masters for help in renovating the interior design of his restaurant in hopes to draw more customers.  With of experience in the restaurant business, Seating Masters became one of America’s most reliable suppliers of restaurant furniture.  Having refurbished old establishments multiple times as well as furnishing new restaurants, Seating Masters was able to facilitate in Whitestone Brewery’s grand opening.

The owner purchased a set of L-shaped Plain Back Booths with two sections. Customized to fit the demands of the costumer in height, length, or shape, this restaurant booth’s price starts at $205.00. The available standard shapes for this booth are single, double, wall bench, L-shape, ½ circle, and ¾ circle. Customers are provided with a large selection of upholstery options from Seating Masters. They are also welcome to use their own materials to adjust this restaurant booth accordingly.

Whitestone Brewery is located at 601 E. Whitestone Blvd. No.500 Cedar Park, TX 78613. For information about their business hours and services, they can be reached at (512) 765-4828.

To learn more about Seating Masters full selection of restaurant furniture from chairs, table tops, table bases, bar stools, booths to patio furniture, visit: or contact a sales representative toll-free at (888) 941-6888.

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Choosing the Right Patio Seating

elaine cafeSummer is the best time to make optimal use of your patio or terrace. Outdoor seating is very popular with diners, especially when the weather is warm and comfortable. Customers tend to prefer sitting outside to enjoy the sun and enjoy the outdoor surroundings whether they are enjoying a meal on the backyard patio of a bistro or sipping coffee at an outdoor café. Making optimal use of your outdoor seating can be very lucrative for your business. There are many choices when it comes to patio seating and it’s important to make an informed decision when you are shopping.

There are many choices when shopping for outdoor furniture. A smart option is to go with the stainless steel patio chair and stainless steel table top. Stainless steel has many advantages over other kinds of materials. For one, stainless steel is waterproof and rustproof. This is important for outdoor seating because if the furniture is left out in the rain or gets wet when hosing down the patio the furniture won’t get tarnished or leave rust stains on the patio. Stainless steel is also very durable and looks new for many years. It cannot be infested with insects, get bent out of shape or develop mold, which are problems that can affect wood furniture.  It’s very easy to clean stainless steel making it more sanitary as well. Most people like stainless steel for its elegant, contemporary look which can be paired with matching bar stools and tables. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable.

Another option for durable patio furniture is the iron patio chairs. Like stainless steel, when zinc-plated, iron is rustproof, water proof and UV resistant. The tough iron frame is unbendable and is also cannot be infested with insects or mold. Iron tends to be heavier than stainless steel, which can be an advantage because they are unlikely to get blown away by wind. Some retailers offer iron chairs in a variety in a variety of styles along with matching outdoor tables and bar stools.

For a more exotic or tropical look consider faux wicker, faux rattan or aluminum bamboo patio chairs. Faux wicker and rattan are synthetic materials that are weatherproof and very attractive. These outdoor chairs are usually paired with a lightweight, aluminum frame and are stackable. Faux wicker and faux rattan have the advantage of looking just like real wicker and rattan, but is much more durable and can come in a variety of upholstery options. The aluminum bamboo chair comes with an aluminum frame that looks like real bamboo and is also weather resistant and is usually upholstered in a faux rattan bamboo seat and back. (more…)

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Getting the Right Furniture For Your Restaurant

restaurant-interior  Top restaurants don’t only rely on good food and good customer service. Another factor that customers really appreciate is a comfortable space with good interior design. Restaurant Design is important to set the stage for the customers’ dining experience. The design of a restaurant must find balance between its ambiance and seating capacity. As an entrepreneur you prioritize about the customers’ maximum seating capacity to increase profit while at the same time making guests feel comfortable. This may differ on the type of restaurant. A diner may have more seating capacity while fine dining restaurants tend to put more effort on ambiance.

Choosing a go to place for lunch meetings, dinner dates, family gatherings or for a quick bite is easy if you know the basics about the restaurant’s menu, ambiance, seating capacity and location.

FAST FOOD: Also known as quick service restaurants which focus more on convenience, low prices, and serving the most number of customer in a minimum amount of time. The food menu is limited to burgers, fries, hotdogs, burritos, fried chicken and so on. It’s probably the most appealing type for most people on the go. The interiors of a fast food restaurant usually have bright colors such as yellow and red. They use metal chairs to give a strong support to their heaviest customers. The tables usually have reversible table tops or other type of laminate. These types of table tops are usually scratch and stain resistant and are easy to care for. Resin table tops are also popular for quick service restaurants as they are very durable and resistant to scratches, stains and nicks and have the appearance of wood.


FAST CASUAL: This has been a fast trending restaurant. It has upscale interior decor compared to fast food restaurants. They use high quality ingredients and the food is freshly prepared upon order. It offers a healthy menu which is ideal for customers who follow a strict diet. With its open kitchen design, customers may dine while watching their food being made while seated on a high chair stool. The table tops may be laminate or reversible table tops or a made of granite as these table tops are very durable and easy to care for. Steel is another common table top material for outdoor use or to blend in with a modern, industrial motif. Fast causal restaurants will usually have commercial chairs such as the metal ladder back chair. Metal chairs are ideal for these fast-paced commercial environments where there is heavy traffic. They are also easy to clean.


BUFFET: A go to place for people with big appetite where you can eat all you can. This self-service restaurant is usually packed with long tables for families. Seats vary from wooden to metal, depending on the kind of cuisine that they offer. Reversible table tops, laminate and veneer wood table tops are common for these types of restaurants because they are easy to care for. Restaurants and hotels that have buffets sometimes also have plastic tables and banquet stack chairs for extra capacity that can be easily stacked and stored.


CAFÉ OR BISTRO: Menu items can be simple; they usually serve coffee and sandwiches, and can range up to full entrees. This is a perfect go to place for casual dates; it has an intimate and relaxed ambiance. Outdoor seating is a trademark for cafes where they may enjoy their meal or coffee while smoking. These eateries will usually have solid wood or granite table tops. They give the interior a more sophisticated look and exude a warmer ambiance. These types of establishments will usually have wood chairs and bar stools for seating for a distinctive look.


FAMILY STYLE DINING: These types of restaurants offer waiting table service. Food is served in large platters where you share and serve your own portions. Customers are usually seated on booths providing a more cozy experience. These establishments will usually have solid wood or reversible table tops. The seating may feature wood or metal chairs.


FINE DINING: Fine dining requires a lot of attention to detail. You also need to have reservations months in advance before you get a taste of their food. You will get the best customer service experience in these restaurants. The interiors could vary from modern, minimalist to old fashioned. As the name implies, it offers the finest menu and ambiance for your dining experience. Seats are wooden but well cushioned keeping you comfortable while enjoying your food. You will not find reversible table tops in these establishments. These restaurants will usually have solid wood table tops and upholstered chairs as they have a more prestigious look and the investment in the high quality furniture and décor helps justify the higher prices, along with gourmet cuisine.

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Restaurant Furniture Safety Tips

Many restaurant owners overlook the topic of restaurant safety when it comes to providing a safe customer experience to all those who choose to eat or drink at their establishment. As a business owner you will want to avoid any possible liabilities involving your customers or employees. When it comes to the safety of your restaurant, it should be taken just as seriously as sanitary food practices.


Imagine a bar stool that has an uneven leg which will make it unstable. When a customer sits down on the stool they will likely not be expecting it and may possibly fall and injure themselves within the first couple minutes of being in your bar or restaurant. A loose seat on a bar stool can have the same effect. A customer will certainly not enjoy falling off one of your stools and will be even less thrilled with you if they manage to get injured in the process. Tall tables with a pedestal leg can also suffer from a similar problem if one of their legs is missing the tip that it rests on. A person putting a little bit of weight on the table by doing something as simple as leaning on it can result in the whole table flipping and spilling the food and drinks all over the customers and the floor.


Another restaurant furniture that you want to keep an eye on are the chairs. The legs of every chair should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are not loose or tip when sat in. Failure to check your chairs’ legs and backs can result in a customer falling off the chair and potentially suffering a back injury. Be sure to tighten any screws that connect the base of the seat to the seat backs to try to avoid this as much as possible.


Not only do you have to worry about restaurant furniture having legs that are uneven and loose screws, you also need to be sure that the material the chair is made out of doesn’t start to splinter. Wood chairs will of course be the most common material of chair to have this problem, however plastic chairs can degrade and get splinters as well, which will tend to just pinch your customers when they sit in them. Remember that a customer running into problems with your restaurant furniture will just be a reason that may cause them to go somewhere else next time.

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Maximizing Restaurant Revenue with Good Design

restaurant designWhen a person builds or opens a restaurant, the layout is a major aspect in creating a successful restaurant. A restaurant with efficient service has many happy customers and many return customers. Happy customers + efficient service= profits and longevity for the venue.

When creating the perfect restaurant, plan it out before you jump into the decorations and placements of the furniture. Place the bar stools around the bar either at the center of the room or at the back of the room in order to keep everyone happy. For example, in some restaurants the bar and bar stools are located in a room off to the side or sometimes right in the middle of the room if it is a sports type restaurant.

Some restaurant owners will make a more complicated pathway for a guest to walk through from the front door to the tables. By doing so, the waiters and staff will have more time to help all of the current customers and have sufficient time to clear off the tables and clean them. Placing the restaurant chairs and tables in such a way may slow down the customers’ turnover slightly but will help to minimize walk-outs. (more…)

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