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Rocco Restaurant & Bar Opens its Patio

Italian restaurant in Etobicoke seeks the expertise of Seating Masters to configure a patio design for its venue.

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Leading commercial grade furniture distributor helps Rocco with its outdoor seating needs prior to announcing the grand opening of its patio.

Situated in a trendy lakeshore neighborhood area in Etobicoke, Rocco Restaurant & Bar offers a casual ambiance featuring a completely inspired Italian menu, delivery, social events, family dining and more. Patrons especially enjoy the cozy yet classy mahogany filled interior of the restaurant along with affordably priced yet exquisite dishes enabling them to dine in full comfort. Rocco’s 7-ounce burger customized with avocado, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and caramelized onions was voted as a lunch favorite among most diners. Dinner at Rocco’s is just as exciting with an array of mouthwatering appetizers, flatbreads, pasta, and a variety of entrees to choose from. Most diners swear by the wild mushroom and truffle risotto and the restaurant’s signature dish – pomegranate glazed rack of lamb.

Having recently undergone a complete renovation under new management, the owners have blasted the Wow factor with their latest patio design. When the weather allows, diners particularly enjoy eating outdoors. The owners were looking to give the patio design for their outdoor seating a contemporary flare. But most importantly, they needed patio furniture made of premium construction to resist against the harsh weather elements. With over a decade of experience working in the food industry, they contacted Seating Masters who was more than happy to assist them with their project with the hope to strengthen loyal patronage among the community of Etobicoke.

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The only thing that separates longer lasting rattan from the look and feel of this material is durability. This Aluminum Patio Arm Chair with Black Faux Rattan guarantees just that. The patio chair’s back and seat is woven with synthetic rattan that requires very little maintenance. Supported by a tough yet lightweight aluminum frame, this chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial use.  This weatherproof chair is designed to last many years of services which were important to Rocco’s owners. For only $61.00, this chair offers the best worlds of comfort, style and resilience which is why the owners order 32 sets.

A weather resistant table for a patio is just as important at a chair. Priced as the same as regular teak, this Plastic Teak Table Top is made from material that protects against water and UV damages. Starting at $80.00, this table top is available in a range of dimensions, shapes and colors. The X prong table base seemed like a practical assemblage that compliments most table tops. This cast iron base includes all the necessary hardware to create a long lasting robust patio table which is what the owners needed.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ wide selection of commercial chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a customer service operator at (888) 941-6888.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience in the Toronto area, swing by Rocco Restaurant & Bar located at 2083 Lake Shore Boulevard, Etobicoke M8V 1A1. Or dial (416) 251-5100 to inquire about the restaurant’s menu, services and hours of operation.


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Puddicombe House Redesigns its Patio Layout with New Seating

New Hamburg inn updates its outdoor seating with patio furniture provided by Restaurant Furniture Canada.










Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture supplier helps Puddicombe House update its patio design with new outdoor chairs and tables.

Stepping in through the doors of Puddicombe House in New Hamburg will lead you to Ontario’s history. Built in an elegant Italian architectural style back in 1868, this inn once served as a home of Samuel Merner, a prominent politician and businessman in New Hamburg. The house’s exterior proudly displays characteristic Italian gables, porches that exude grace and windows heavily dressed in ornaments. The interior design of the house competes in elegance with the exterior. The glossy wooden floors, twelve foot ceilings, and ornamented bay windows exhale an air of grandeur to Puddicombe.

20 years later, Merner sold his house to Robert Puddicome which was sold again in 1969 and divided into 6 rentals. In 2004, Puddicombe House was purchased by the Cressman family which they converted to a commercial establishment featuring a bed & breakfast, restaurant, hair salon, and a spa. Honoring and preserving the Puddicombe’s architecture and history was an integral part of the Cressman family’s plans. Last year, they opened up a banquet hall that hosts weddings and social events to this very day. They even provide catering services for business meetings, family reunions with an extensive menu of appetizers, soups, salads, luncheons, dinners and desserts.

As the weather is warming up, many of Puddicombe’s guests who frequent the inn prefer to dine outside. To maintain customer satisfaction as well as the success of their business ventures, the Cressmans felt it was necessary to update their patio design with sophisticated but durable outdoor furniture. Restaurant Furniture Canada seemed to have had what they needed. With over 10 years of experience and expertise in the food and hospitality industry, Restaurant Furniture Canada earned its reputation for its high quality commercial grade furniture complimented by its outstanding customer service throughout the country.

Ensuring comfortable seating for guests was paramount to the Cressmans. The Geneva Patio Chair with Cushion sufficed for them. This double-tube faux wicker patio chair is available in a black finish. It comes with a light cream colored cushion that allows patrons to dine in luxury which what makes it a desirable addition to any outdoor seating. They completed their patio seating layout with a set of these modish yet weather resistant plastic teak tops assembled together with and supported by X prong table bases.

Browse through our collection of our quality restaurant furniture and be updated on our clearances here: or contact a customer support operator at (888) 998-4222.  

Check out Puddicombe House located at 145 Peel St. New Hamburg ON N3A1E7 or give them a call at (519) 662-2111.

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Ralota Technologies Redesigns its Kitchen and Patio

Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture supplier teams up with software company in Toronto to redesign its seating layout for its kitchen and patio.

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Restaurant Furniture Canada has recently furnished Ralota Technologies’ kitchen and patio with a brand new set of aluminum bamboo chairs and Werzalit round table tops assembled together with X prong chrome bases.

Ralota Technologies is a cutting-edge software company that applies its passion to design breakthrough trading systems. With approximately 200 employees and 37,297 clients worldwide, Ralota uses technology to overcome some of the biggest challenges that the trading industry faces. Dubbed as the artisan of software, this high-tech company prides itself in taking the inspiration from artisans’ centuries ago along with passion and drive to develop revolutionary technologies. Ralota works closely with its clients and colleagues to strategize and create integrated and innovative solutions.

Along with its many perks that employees enjoy, Ralota provides free breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.  The office kitchen and the patio have become a social hub for employees who frequently use those spaces during their lunch and coffee breaks. When the weather permits, the patio is a popular eating spot for employees. Keeping that in mind, Ralota felt that updating both the patio and kitchen with new seating was necessary. Management was looking for furniture that will provide comfortable seating and endure heavy usage for a while. Restaurant Furniture Canada was able to help find the right furniture that met managements’ seating specifications.

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For seating, management unanimously agreed that the Aluminum Bamboo Patio Chair was the perfect choice for their needs.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this patio chair features an attractive design that would be welcomed in any dining space. The chair’s aluminum frame is built to resist against harsh elements from the weather. The black and white rattan not only guarantees comfortable seating but also protects the chair from infestation, water and UV damages.


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The material speaks in high volumes about the table’s quality. The Werlitz Round Table Top is made of form-pressed construction that offers the highest stability. The high condensed core material makes this table top weatherproof and scratch resistant. This table top is impervious to chemical, thermal and mechanical influences. Furthermore, the closed surface is easy to clean and meets the hygienic requirements of the food and hospitality industry. Striking in quality and price, management felt that this table top would be a great addition for both the patio and cafeteria.

While assembling the tables, management decided on the X Prong Chrome Base to pair the table tops with.  Built from 18 gauge steel tube and coated with glossy chrome, this table base is exclusively designed for commercial use and ensures long lasting durability. Additionally, it is weatherproof and therefore can be used in patios and indoor dining spaces alike which was very important to the management at Ralota.

To be updated on Restaurant Furniture Canada’s wide collection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases, and patio furniture including sales, please visit: or contact a sales representative at (888) 998-4222.

Ralota Technologies is located at 60 Wesley St West, Unit 1, Toronto ON, M5S3L2. They can be reached at (416) 646-0475.


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Choosing the Right Patio Seating

elaine cafeSummer is the best time to make optimal use of your patio or terrace. Outdoor seating is very popular with diners, especially when the weather is warm and comfortable. Customers tend to prefer sitting outside to enjoy the sun and enjoy the outdoor surroundings whether they are enjoying a meal on the backyard patio of a bistro or sipping coffee at an outdoor café. Making optimal use of your outdoor seating can be very lucrative for your business. There are many choices when it comes to patio seating and it’s important to make an informed decision when you are shopping.

There are many choices when shopping for outdoor furniture. A smart option is to go with the stainless steel patio chair and stainless steel table top. Stainless steel has many advantages over other kinds of materials. For one, stainless steel is waterproof and rustproof. This is important for outdoor seating because if the furniture is left out in the rain or gets wet when hosing down the patio the furniture won’t get tarnished or leave rust stains on the patio. Stainless steel is also very durable and looks new for many years. It cannot be infested with insects, get bent out of shape or develop mold, which are problems that can affect wood furniture.  It’s very easy to clean stainless steel making it more sanitary as well. Most people like stainless steel for its elegant, contemporary look which can be paired with matching bar stools and tables. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable.

Another option for durable patio furniture is the iron patio chairs. Like stainless steel, when zinc-plated, iron is rustproof, water proof and UV resistant. The tough iron frame is unbendable and is also cannot be infested with insects or mold. Iron tends to be heavier than stainless steel, which can be an advantage because they are unlikely to get blown away by wind. Some retailers offer iron chairs in a variety in a variety of styles along with matching outdoor tables and bar stools.

For a more exotic or tropical look consider faux wicker, faux rattan or aluminum bamboo patio chairs. Faux wicker and rattan are synthetic materials that are weatherproof and very attractive. These outdoor chairs are usually paired with a lightweight, aluminum frame and are stackable. Faux wicker and faux rattan have the advantage of looking just like real wicker and rattan, but is much more durable and can come in a variety of upholstery options. The aluminum bamboo chair comes with an aluminum frame that looks like real bamboo and is also weather resistant and is usually upholstered in a faux rattan bamboo seat and back. (more…)

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