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Easy Pour Wine Bar Enhances its Restaurant Design with New Commercial Seating

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture distributor helps wine bar in Cambridge update their seating layout plans with new commercial seating.


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Restaurant Furniture Canada and Easy Pour Wine Bar work together to improve their décor with a set of Duna side wood chairs and matching bar stools.

Nicole and John Hall envisioned a perfect establishment where guests can experience high class dining with the world’s finest wines. After years of planning this venue, their dreams were realized and Easy Pour was born. A husband and wife team, the Halls chose 1660 Blair Road as a perfect location to establish their business. The felt that the settings of the property in which they purchased would be an ideal foundation for their wine bar. The couple spends months on renovations and worked tirelessly to preserve the original characteristics and charm from what was formerly the Heritage home. The Halls share a passion for good food, wine and entertainment. Building Easy Pour to share their vision with the community in Cambridge was a dream come true for them.

With the goal to execute the perfect guest experience, the Halls ensure the patrons enjoy their visit and feel right at home. They do so with their growing talented kitchen/wait staff and hospitality experts. Easy Pour continues to expand as it has become an ideal spot to taste and discover the various wines from many regions around the world that they serve. There is always something for everyone whether you are a wine connoisseur or a novice taster. Their gourmet style menu features a variety of cheeses, breads and other dishes that complement their wines. If you are not a wine drinker, Easy Pour carries craft beers and specialty cocktails as well.


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Over time, Easy Pour has attracted large crowds of people and the Halls realized they needed to update their commercial seating to maintain the restaurant’s décor. They contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada for assistance with their seating layout plans for Easy Pour. They decided on the Duna Side wood chairs to furnish their dining room with. These uniquely designed wood chairs are competitively priced and are a perfect choice for upscale restaurants along with other luxurious venues. Customization options include frame finishes and choice for the type of seats which allow you to design these restaurant chairs to meet your specifications.

The Halls also felt that the Duna side wood bar stools would not only compliment their bar area but would also complete their ritzy décor. Much like the rest of the bar stools that Restaurant Furniture Canada produces and manufactures, these wood bar stools boast of durability and versatility and are made of top quality materials which allow them to resist heavy usage in any high traffic venue. They are also constructed to eliminate wobbling and provide comfortable seating to guests.

You can learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s wide range of commercial grade furniture, including special deals here: or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222.

Easy Pour Wine Bar is located at 1660 Blair Road, Cambridge ON N3H 4R8. They can be reached at (519)  219-3279.

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Tavola Restaurant Updates its Seating Layout

Mediterranean themed restaurant updates its restaurant design with new commercial grade furniture from Restaurant Furniture Canada.

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Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture distributor helps Tavola Restaurant redesign its seating layout with new metal chairs, matching bar stools and tables.

Since its grand opening back in 2014, Tavola is a great destination for those who an affinity with Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurant owners Bob Hallet and Chef Peter Anthony bring are considered to be the true masters of their craft where creativity is encouraged. Along with their talented kitchen and wait staff, they bring one of the finest tastes of Europe to the heart of downtown St. John’s. After spending quite some time in Europe, Bob was inspired to open a restaurant that reflected on his culinary experiences. Tavola’s vision was to use fresh Italian rustic ingredients, specifically from Nice and Genoa, to recreate his own version of pasta dishes, fish, sauces, soups, and salads – the type of dishes that were unheard of in St. John’s until recently.

Using local ingredients is important at Tavola as well – especially the ones that compliment Mediterranean cuisine the best.  Literally translated as table, Tavola uses a simple idea in which food should be presented and shared in a social fashion with loved ones – just like at home. With seating for at least 38 patrons, guests can feel at home at Tavola’s.  Tavola offers a cozy and warm ambiance. The owners wanted to add a touch of sophistication to the restaurant design and were in need of commercial grade furniture that would not only help maintain the atmosphere they wanted patrons to appreciate but guarantee long lasting durability. They contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada and sought the expertise of the sales professionals with their seating layout plans.


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For seating, the owners decided on the X back metal restaurant chair. The classic and modern X back design makes with chair a beautiful seating addition to any dining establishment. Made especially for commercial use, this metal restaurant chair is constructed to meet the rigorous demands made in the food and hospitality industry.  With a choice of frame finishes and seating options, this chair can be tailored to meet the customer’s specifications. A matching bar stool was all that the owners needed to complete Tavola’s décor.

Build to offer maximum support and created the desired restaurant tables, the owners agreed that the cast iron table bases were the best choice.  These cast iron table bases are powder coated and include all the hardware needed. They can easily be assembled together with Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of table tops. Put both together and you are assured an affordably priced yet high quality restaurant table.

Learn more about our diverse selection of restaurant furniture and don’t miss out on our sales by visiting us here: or dial (888) 998-4222 to speak with a sales representative.

Tavola Restaurant is located at 178 Water Street St. John’s, NL A1C 1B1. They can be reached at (709) 754-1678 for questions about their business hours, menu, and services.

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41 and Main Gets a New Look for Its Restaurant

Bistro in Tifton redesigns its layout with new restaurant seating supplied by Seating Masters.


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Leading restaurant furniture manufacturer facilitates 41 and Main with their seating layout effort by providing them with a new set of booths, tables, and swivel bar stools.

When you think of food, especially barbecue, 41 and Main should come to mind. Situated in downtown Tifton, this rustic eatery specializes in wood fire cooking that guests can’t seem to get enough of. From pizzas to steak, all the dishes are made of fresh ingredients so you can expect the best. 41 and Main also offers a 24 foot salad bar along with seafood dishes prepared from the kitchen. This steakhouse earned its claim to fame through Myron Mixon who has won over 250 grand championships 4 times in Memphis. He brings the very best competition style barbecue to 41 and Main with the help of his son, Michael. As a result, customers frequently order from his inspired specialty dishes.

The diverse menu that offers a variety of choices in food provides more options for patron as well with Mixon’s recipes. The management intends to expand the menu even further in the future. The restaurant currently has a balcony and a private board room upstairs that hosts social events and business meetings along with a full service bar and a wood-fire oven imported from Italy. With already 75 employees, the management is in the process of installing another kitchen downstairs and plans to offer catering services. With renovations underway, the management decided to upgrade the restaurant design with new seating.



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They contacted Seating Masters, a reputable commercial grade furniture distributor servicing to the food and hospitality industry nationwide. With their experience and expertise, the sales professionals were about to assist with the restaurant’s seating layout.  Management was in need for high quality yet affordable restaurant booths that would be delivered to them within the time frame of 7-14 business days. Seating Masters’ quick ship plain booths were exactly what they needed. Available in single or double, these restaurant booths include customization options for material, size, and height which customers appreciate.

Restaurant tables that are durable as well as attractive were very crucial to management. To create the tables they needed, Seating Masters supplied them with resin table tops which they assembled together with X prong table bases.  Resin is a popular choice for table tops among various dining establishments. Their water and scratch resistant glossy surfaces make them ideal for high traffic venues such as 41 and Main.  They also feature a 2 inch drop edge and are available in different sizes and finishes.

Management determined that the bar section needed a seating upgrade as well. They were pleased with the design on the window back swivel bar stools. Constructed of the finest American materials, these commercial bar stools are made to withstand heavy usage. They come standard with a black sandblast frame finish, a choice for a wood or upholstered seat, and floor glides. A 360 degree swivel mechanism is built into these bar stools which make them high in demand in the restaurant business.

Learn more about Seating Masters selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases, patio furniture and even their latest items here: or contact a customer support representative at (888) 941-6888.

41 and Main are located at 343 Main Street, Tifton, GA. For questions about their hours of services, menu and more, call (229) 402-3145.

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The Library Restaurant Redesigns its Dinning Space

The Library Restaurant redesigns its dining space with new restaurant seating provided by Restaurant Furniture Canada.


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Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture supplier teams up with seafood restaurant located in Midland to redesign its venue with new restaurant seating and tables.

Converting libraries into restaurants is not something you often here about but The Library Restaurant started this trend, hence the name. If you are looking for an elegant dining experience, the restaurant strives to ensure that with excellent service and great food. Situated in downtown Midland, the restaurant was originally the Carnegie Library that was built in 1915. Having converted to restaurant overtime, the venue offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere to patrons. With seafood as the restaurant’s specialty and exceptional food that is prepared the day of service. The Library Restaurant aims to delight hungry guests with their mouth-watering dishes and make them feel right at home.

The restaurant’s extensive menu ranges from a diverse selection of appetizers, soup, seafood/fish entrees to desserts. There are vegan options as well.  An 8 course tasting dinner is occasionally hosted with live music performances.  The venue also includes a bar section where patrons can enjoy their local craft beers. But that’s not all. Below the restaurant is a study lounge – another option for a night out. This lounge is a perfect hangout with some drinks and entertainment. The lounge also has an open mike night every Thursday evening and concerts on the weekends.

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Though the owner decided to maintain the restaurant’s exterior, he felt the interior design was in need of an upgrade which included new restaurant furniture. After learning about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s reputation in crafting high quality commercial grade furniture and customer support, he contacted them and requested for their services in helping him find the right seating for his décor. He purchased several sets of the Designer Series Logan Vertical Slat Chair  and tables for his dining room.

For the lounge, he felt the Back Metal Bar Stools would make a wonderful seating addition to the bar area there. These attractive durable metal bar stools are popularly sought out by restaurant and bar owners. Their premium construction allows them to resist to the rigors in a busy commercial environment.  Customization options include a choice for a wooden or an upholstered seat as well as frame finishes to choose from. Plastic gliders are also featured to ensure the protection of both the stools and the floors.

To learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s full selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture, please visit: or contact a sales professional for questions on our items at (888) 998-4222.

The Library Restaurant is located at 526 Hugel Avenue Midland, ON L4R 1V7 Canada. They can be reached at (705) 528-0100 for questions about their business hours and services.

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Presenting The New and Improved Gumbo Shack

Creole restaurant in Alabama upgrades its restaurant seating with new chairs, bar stools and tables provided by Seating Masters.



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Leading commercial grade furniture distributor facilitates the Gumbo Shack in updating the venue’s interior design with new restaurant seating and tables.

When you are in the mood for Creole food, the Gumbo Shack has what to offer. Situated in Fairhope, Alabama, this restaurant has become a local favorite. With live bands playing on the weekends, Gumbo Shack is ranked # 6 on Alabama’s Top 100 Foods to Eat Before You Die.  The crawfish is rumored to be too spicy for even Guy Fieri to handle! As such, Fieri, the restaurateur, hosts the Food Network’s show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This show features restaurants and diners from around the country that Fieri visits and samples on their specialties.  Guests were piling into the restaurant shortly after the show debuted.

The Gumbo Shack is a local yet cozy hangout with a small bar.  Gumbo and Jambalaya are highly recommended dishes to order from at this restaurant as the show puts a lot of emphasis on them. The restaurant’s specialty is the gumbo which is a blend of Andouille sausage, chicken and okra cooked in a tomato-based roux. This dish is typically served with rice along with a choice of seafood toppings. The menu also includes a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and combos. Aside for gumbo, special dishes include spicy crawfish boil, red beans, and rice.


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As business prospered, the owner felt it was necessary to update the restaurant’s interior design to match the ambiance. Learning about Seating Master’s reputation in delivering high quality furniture with excellent customer service, the owner sought the assistance of experts for his restaurant seating needs.  He started off with the Ladder Back Metal Chairs with a front bar.  Built to withstand heavy usage in a busy commercial environment, these metal restaurant chairs is a top choice for seating among various dining establishments nationwide. He also ordered Ladder Back Bar Stools and Chrome Swivel Bar Stools for his bar.

He then furnished his dining space with wood table tops  which he assembled together with cast iron table bases.  Combining these items together create durable restaurant tables that meet the rigorous demands made by the food industry. Made of premium construction, these tables ensure long lasting robustness and are competitively priced. The size, height and shape can be customized and there is a wide selection of finishes to choose from to design the table that is perfect for you.

Browse through Seating Masters full selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Need to satisfy your hankering for Creole food? Come by to Gumbo Shack located at 212 ½ Fairhope Avenue, Fairhope, AL 36532. They can be reached at (251) 928-4100.


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The Omega Grill Upgrades its Restaurant Seating with New Furniture

Leading restaurant furniture supplier works together with grill in Spring Texas to reorganize its seating layout with new wood restaurant chairs, matching bar stools and tables.

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 The Omega Grill seeks the expertise of Seating Masters in upgrading the restaurant’s interior design with upholstered back wood chairs, matching bar stools and new tables.

Having grown up working for their parents at The Olive Oil restaurant in the Woodlands area, Marianna and George Huliaris were dedicated in sharing their Greek culture with the community. Years later, the siblings have expressed their passion and knowledge of food through their own restaurant, The Omega Grill. Located two doors down from their parent’s restaurant, George and Marianna opened The Omega Grill 2 years ago at 399 Sawdust Road, Spring Texas.  The grill boasts of gourmet American soul food served in a laid-back atmosphere.

The siblings pride themselves in using fresh ingredients as being part of their culture.  Using Texas-based companies such as Bravado Spice and 44 Farms which produce all natural, gluten-free, hormone-free and genetically modified products, the siblings were able to achieve this goal for The Omega.  Along with soul food, The Omega features an array of local beers from 8th Wonder Brewery, Karbach Brewing Co., and Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

As they were broadening and localizing their wine selection, the Huliaris siblings took the liberty to upgrade the grill’s seating layout with new restaurant furniture supplied by Seating Masters.  Reputable for being one of the most trusted commercial grade furniture distributors nationwide, Seating Masters were able to assist Marianna and George in finding  the appropriate restaurant furniture for their décor.

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For the restaurant seating, they were drawn to the design featured on the Upholstered Back Wood Chair.  This wood restaurant chair is also attractive in its ability to withstand the rigorous conditions in the food industry. The chair comes standard in a dark mahogany finish with a wood or an upholstered seat.  To give their restaurant a cohesive look they wanted, the Huliaris’ purchased matching bar stools for their bar.

Lastly, they furnished the restaurant’s dining room with Solid Wood Plank Table Tops. These table tops are made of premium construction and designed to match the stain from Seating Masters’ wood restaurant chairs and bar stools. Crafted and manufactured in the USA, these table tops are guaranteed to fit perfectly in any dining establishment. Available in 5 different finishes and multiple sizes, you are likely to find the table top you are looking for.

Keep yourselves updated on Seating Masters’ selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a customer support representative at (888) 941-6888.

The Omega Grill is located at 399 Sawdust Rd Spring, TX 77380. They can be reached at (832) 299-6665.

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