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Tavola Restaurant Updates its Seating Layout

Mediterranean themed restaurant updates its restaurant design with new commercial grade furniture from Restaurant Furniture Canada.

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Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture distributor helps Tavola Restaurant redesign its seating layout with new metal chairs, matching bar stools and tables.

Since its grand opening back in 2014, Tavola is a great destination for those who an affinity with Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurant owners Bob Hallet and Chef Peter Anthony bring are considered to be the true masters of their craft where creativity is encouraged. Along with their talented kitchen and wait staff, they bring one of the finest tastes of Europe to the heart of downtown St. John’s. After spending quite some time in Europe, Bob was inspired to open a restaurant that reflected on his culinary experiences. Tavola’s vision was to use fresh Italian rustic ingredients, specifically from Nice and Genoa, to recreate his own version of pasta dishes, fish, sauces, soups, and salads – the type of dishes that were unheard of in St. John’s until recently.

Using local ingredients is important at Tavola as well – especially the ones that compliment Mediterranean cuisine the best.  Literally translated as table, Tavola uses a simple idea in which food should be presented and shared in a social fashion with loved ones – just like at home. With seating for at least 38 patrons, guests can feel at home at Tavola’s.  Tavola offers a cozy and warm ambiance. The owners wanted to add a touch of sophistication to the restaurant design and were in need of commercial grade furniture that would not only help maintain the atmosphere they wanted patrons to appreciate but guarantee long lasting durability. They contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada and sought the expertise of the sales professionals with their seating layout plans.


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For seating, the owners decided on the X back metal restaurant chair. The classic and modern X back design makes with chair a beautiful seating addition to any dining establishment. Made especially for commercial use, this metal restaurant chair is constructed to meet the rigorous demands made in the food and hospitality industry.  With a choice of frame finishes and seating options, this chair can be tailored to meet the customer’s specifications. A matching bar stool was all that the owners needed to complete Tavola’s décor.

Build to offer maximum support and created the desired restaurant tables, the owners agreed that the cast iron table bases were the best choice.  These cast iron table bases are powder coated and include all the hardware needed. They can easily be assembled together with Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of table tops. Put both together and you are assured an affordably priced yet high quality restaurant table.

Learn more about our diverse selection of restaurant furniture and don’t miss out on our sales by visiting us here: or dial (888) 998-4222 to speak with a sales representative.

Tavola Restaurant is located at 178 Water Street St. John’s, NL A1C 1B1. They can be reached at (709) 754-1678 for questions about their business hours, menu, and services.

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Restaurant Furniture Canada helps Vietnamese Restaurant Upgrade its Seating

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture manufacturer has helps Golden Bell Saigon upgrade its seating with a new set of restaurant 6 channel booths and Interchangeable back metal chair with 3 slats.










Restaurant Furniture Canada has collaborated with the management staff at Golden Bell Saigon to organize the layout of their venue with new restaurant seating.

Within the last decade, Vietnamese cuisine has become mainstream in the food culture of Calgary. The reasonable food prices and decent size portions has locals flocking to Golden Bell Saigon. Boasting of its diverse population and multiculturalism, Calgary was very welcoming towards this restaurant and diners relish the authentic Vietnamese dishes served to them. Golden Bell Saigon has been raved by diners and food critics alike for satisfying their taste buds. The banh xeo , aka Vietnamese pancake is recommended in lieu of pho. This pancake epitomizes Vietnamese cuisine which requires a minimum amount of oil while using copious amounts of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Their grilled lemongrass chicken vermicelli is perfect for a hot summer day. It is a salad made of rice noodles, shredded lettuce, carrots, mint, basil, crushed peanuts, and bean sprouts. This dish makes for a wholesome meal unto itself! Nothing concludes a meal at Golden Bell Saigon than an avocado shake or Vietnamese iced coffee. Golden Bell Saigon also has a patio if you are looking to have an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. If you are new to Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant will convert you into a connoisseur. In efforts to offer their patron high class dining at their venue, management at Golden Bell Saigon was in need of a seating upgrade.

They contacted the experts at Restaurant Furniture Canada who were able to assist them in their restaurant seating upgrade. They first ordered several sets of the 6 Channel Booths. Like most custom restaurant booths at Restaurant Furniture Canada, the 6 Channel booths are exclusively custom made to the customer’s specifications. Customization includes length, height, and shape. Starting from only $295.00 a piece, these restaurant booths come in a variety of vinyl and fabrics to match the décor of any establishment. That is what prompted Golden Bell Saigon to purchase these booths.










Next, they selected a set of 52 of Interchangeable Back Metal Chairs with 3 Slats. Affordably priced at $57.00 per chair, these American made restaurant chairs feature 3 slats design and come standard with either a solid wood seat or upholstered vinyl padding. In contrast to most restaurant furniture manufacturers, Restaurant Furniture Canada makes commercial grade chairs that are constructed with a 1 inch solid wood seat and a fully welded frame. The frame of this restaurant chair is comprised of a powder coated finish. Plastic gliders are included as well.

To learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s variety of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths, and patio furniture, visit: or talk to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for all inquiries on restaurant furniture.

Golden Bell Saigon is located at 6008 MacLoed Trail SW Calgary, AB T2H 0K1 Canada. For questions about their hours of operations and services, they can be reached at (403) 253-8222.

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How to Make a Restaurant Seating Plan


Creating a restaurant seating plan is one of the crucial steps of the planning stage in opening a restaurant. The seating plan you design depends on several factors. One of the main factors is the type of restaurant you plan to open. Will it be a quick service restaurant, a family-style restaurant such as a diner, a fast casual restaurant, a café or an upscale bistro? Each of type of restaurants will have different layouts. A quick service restaurant will typically feature tables and chairs with easy to clean, fixed vinyl booths along the walls. Family-style restaurants or diners will typically have more booth with comfortable, fabric or vinyl upholstery. bistros will usually have a mixture of chairs, booths and bar stools. Making a seating plan will help you experiment with various seating layouts and find one that meets your needs.

The next important factor is the number of guests you plan to serve. To determine this you will have to take into account space requirements for the dining room and the maximum safe occupancy of your establishment as determined by the local fire department or county planning zone commission.

One of the first steps in drawing up your seating plan is measuring the interior space of your restaurant and its areas such as the dining room, the kitchen, storage, restrooms, server station waiting area and any other area that takes up floor space. The floor area of your dining room and patio if you have one will help determine your seating capacity and your seating layout.

The next step should include a detailed layout of your restaurant’s floor plan. The sketch should make note of windows and doors and include your measurements. The cashier counter and other stations should be included as well as anything else that will take up floor space. (more…)

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Getting the Right Furniture For Your Restaurant

restaurant-interior  Top restaurants don’t only rely on good food and good customer service. Another factor that customers really appreciate is a comfortable space with good interior design. Restaurant Design is important to set the stage for the customers’ dining experience. The design of a restaurant must find balance between its ambiance and seating capacity. As an entrepreneur you prioritize about the customers’ maximum seating capacity to increase profit while at the same time making guests feel comfortable. This may differ on the type of restaurant. A diner may have more seating capacity while fine dining restaurants tend to put more effort on ambiance.

Choosing a go to place for lunch meetings, dinner dates, family gatherings or for a quick bite is easy if you know the basics about the restaurant’s menu, ambiance, seating capacity and location.

FAST FOOD: Also known as quick service restaurants which focus more on convenience, low prices, and serving the most number of customer in a minimum amount of time. The food menu is limited to burgers, fries, hotdogs, burritos, fried chicken and so on. It’s probably the most appealing type for most people on the go. The interiors of a fast food restaurant usually have bright colors such as yellow and red. They use metal chairs to give a strong support to their heaviest customers. The tables usually have reversible table tops or other type of laminate. These types of table tops are usually scratch and stain resistant and are easy to care for. Resin table tops are also popular for quick service restaurants as they are very durable and resistant to scratches, stains and nicks and have the appearance of wood.


FAST CASUAL: This has been a fast trending restaurant. It has upscale interior decor compared to fast food restaurants. They use high quality ingredients and the food is freshly prepared upon order. It offers a healthy menu which is ideal for customers who follow a strict diet. With its open kitchen design, customers may dine while watching their food being made while seated on a high chair stool. The table tops may be laminate or reversible table tops or a made of granite as these table tops are very durable and easy to care for. Steel is another common table top material for outdoor use or to blend in with a modern, industrial motif. Fast causal restaurants will usually have commercial chairs such as the metal ladder back chair. Metal chairs are ideal for these fast-paced commercial environments where there is heavy traffic. They are also easy to clean.


BUFFET: A go to place for people with big appetite where you can eat all you can. This self-service restaurant is usually packed with long tables for families. Seats vary from wooden to metal, depending on the kind of cuisine that they offer. Reversible table tops, laminate and veneer wood table tops are common for these types of restaurants because they are easy to care for. Restaurants and hotels that have buffets sometimes also have plastic tables and banquet stack chairs for extra capacity that can be easily stacked and stored.


CAFÉ OR BISTRO: Menu items can be simple; they usually serve coffee and sandwiches, and can range up to full entrees. This is a perfect go to place for casual dates; it has an intimate and relaxed ambiance. Outdoor seating is a trademark for cafes where they may enjoy their meal or coffee while smoking. These eateries will usually have solid wood or granite table tops. They give the interior a more sophisticated look and exude a warmer ambiance. These types of establishments will usually have wood chairs and bar stools for seating for a distinctive look.


FAMILY STYLE DINING: These types of restaurants offer waiting table service. Food is served in large platters where you share and serve your own portions. Customers are usually seated on booths providing a more cozy experience. These establishments will usually have solid wood or reversible table tops. The seating may feature wood or metal chairs.


FINE DINING: Fine dining requires a lot of attention to detail. You also need to have reservations months in advance before you get a taste of their food. You will get the best customer service experience in these restaurants. The interiors could vary from modern, minimalist to old fashioned. As the name implies, it offers the finest menu and ambiance for your dining experience. Seats are wooden but well cushioned keeping you comfortable while enjoying your food. You will not find reversible table tops in these establishments. These restaurants will usually have solid wood table tops and upholstered chairs as they have a more prestigious look and the investment in the high quality furniture and décor helps justify the higher prices, along with gourmet cuisine.

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3 Tips for Maximizing the Space of a Small Venue

Designing a small restaurant or pub can require creative thinking to make the most of a limited space; knowing how to select the right furniture and layout is essential.

Small restaurants can have very big advantages for entrepreneurs, but can also present them with very difficult design challenges. A smaller venue brings with it lower costs and less overhead. The price of rent, as well as utilities such as heating and cooling, can be significantly lower. A much smaller wait staff and kitchen staff is also an advantage of a small restaurant or pub, and initial design costs will often be significantly lower in a smaller space.

Choosing the right layout and restaurant furniture for a small venue is essential to a customer’s impression of the establishment. A small venue done right can come across as cozy, intimate and comfortable, whereas a badly designed small venue will seem cluttered, crowded and unpleasant. The following are three tips on how to choose the right furniture and layout to make a restaurant or pub a big hit in a small package.

1) Utilize bar and counter seating

Bar and counter seating is a great way to get a lot of people seated at your establishment, while still offering wait staff and customers ample space to move around. A bar placed on one side of the room adjacent to the kitchen with high bar stools is great not only for spacing – it also can establish a venue as a place to congregate in the neighborhood. Customers who might normally just be ordering food and soft drinks are much more likely to order alcohol while eating at the bar, which will definitely boost profits.

Counter seating along the restaurant’s front windows is also a great way to save some space, and offer diners who value their privacy an appropriate seating option. Seating with a street view is pleasant for diners in your restaurant and can serve to pull foot traffic in from outside.








2) Install banquet seating


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Restaurant Remodeling Tips

restaurant furniture and design

Restaurant remodeling can be very expensive but if you want the best there will be the need to pay for it. It can be done for less of a cost by choosing less expensive items but there are times when it will be best to buy long lasting items. This way there will be no need to have to go through kitchen remodeling for some time.

A remodeling can make such a difference to a restaurant and not least it can push up its revenue. However, in these hard economic times it’s not always a good idea to invest in a large, expensive remodeling.
Star off by deciding on a sum that you can realistically afford and see what is available for that amount. When remodeling, decide who it is being done for. If you don’t plan to expand your clientele base then you can invest in a minor change that will refresh the existing decor without having to spend too much and without having to worry that your customers will not like what you have done.

Decide how much needs to be done and then what order to do it in. If there needs to be a complete overhaul it will be best to start with the redevelopment before the new equipment is brought in. This could be a new floor or new furniture and in the worst case scenario may even need new pipes fitting.

Once the reconstruction has taken place it will be time to decide on the items you want and don’t want. With a restaurant remodeling there will be plenty of scope when it comes to choosing new items. There are certain things to keep in mind when remodeling a dining venue and one may seem very superficial but it will be best to see what kind of restaurant furniture your competitors are using. Another good idea is to ask your workers and your clients what furniture they would like to see in your venue and try to incorporate that into your new design. (more…)

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