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The Omega Grill Upgrades its Restaurant Seating with New Furniture

Leading restaurant furniture supplier works together with grill in Spring Texas to reorganize its seating layout with new wood restaurant chairs, matching bar stools and tables.

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 The Omega Grill seeks the expertise of Seating Masters in upgrading the restaurant’s interior design with upholstered back wood chairs, matching bar stools and new tables.

Having grown up working for their parents at The Olive Oil restaurant in the Woodlands area, Marianna and George Huliaris were dedicated in sharing their Greek culture with the community. Years later, the siblings have expressed their passion and knowledge of food through their own restaurant, The Omega Grill. Located two doors down from their parent’s restaurant, George and Marianna opened The Omega Grill 2 years ago at 399 Sawdust Road, Spring Texas.  The grill boasts of gourmet American soul food served in a laid-back atmosphere.

The siblings pride themselves in using fresh ingredients as being part of their culture.  Using Texas-based companies such as Bravado Spice and 44 Farms which produce all natural, gluten-free, hormone-free and genetically modified products, the siblings were able to achieve this goal for The Omega.  Along with soul food, The Omega features an array of local beers from 8th Wonder Brewery, Karbach Brewing Co., and Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

As they were broadening and localizing their wine selection, the Huliaris siblings took the liberty to upgrade the grill’s seating layout with new restaurant furniture supplied by Seating Masters.  Reputable for being one of the most trusted commercial grade furniture distributors nationwide, Seating Masters were able to assist Marianna and George in finding  the appropriate restaurant furniture for their décor.

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For the restaurant seating, they were drawn to the design featured on the Upholstered Back Wood Chair.  This wood restaurant chair is also attractive in its ability to withstand the rigorous conditions in the food industry. The chair comes standard in a dark mahogany finish with a wood or an upholstered seat.  To give their restaurant a cohesive look they wanted, the Huliaris’ purchased matching bar stools for their bar.

Lastly, they furnished the restaurant’s dining room with Solid Wood Plank Table Tops. These table tops are made of premium construction and designed to match the stain from Seating Masters’ wood restaurant chairs and bar stools. Crafted and manufactured in the USA, these table tops are guaranteed to fit perfectly in any dining establishment. Available in 5 different finishes and multiple sizes, you are likely to find the table top you are looking for.

Keep yourselves updated on Seating Masters’ selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a customer support representative at (888) 941-6888.

The Omega Grill is located at 399 Sawdust Rd Spring, TX 77380. They can be reached at (832) 299-6665.

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Sushi Nami Upgrades its Restaurant Seating with New Furniture

Sushi restaurant in Halifax works together with Canada’s leading restaurant furniture supplier in upgrading the venue’s seating layout with new metal restaurant chairs, booths, and table sets.


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Restaurant Furniture Canada assists Sushi Nami in redesigning the restaurant’s dining space with new button tuft booths, metal chairs, and laminated table tops secured with cast iron table bases.

If you appreciate innovation and authenticity, Sushi Nami may be just what you need. Located in the heart of Halifax, this sushi restaurant serves food that incorporates local ingredients with traditional culinary techniques.  Rather than sticking to rigid guidelines and ingredients, Sushi Nami fuses honesty, awareness and balance while having fun in preparing its dishes. Specialty rolls or maki made with sushi rice is a recent trend in most Japanese restaurants, especially at Sushi Nami.

With 12 successful years in the business, Sushi Nami’s goal is to make its brand Canada’s favorite dining spot with customer-first as its philosophy. The size of the storefront may give you the impression of a tiny sushi counter at first. As a matter of fact, it stretches from the sidewalk patio. Upon entry, you are greeted by the splashy red and black décor along with the staff whose attire coordinates with the color scheme. From rolls and dumplings to salads and even desserts, there are bountiful of textures and tastes at work on each plate.

Reputable for its authentic Japanese food experience and phenomenal services, the owner wanted to maintain the restaurant’s status with furniture that is not only high quality but stylish as well.  He turned to Restaurant Furniture Canada, a well-known restaurant furniture manufacturer. With over thousands of restaurant chairs, booths, and bar stools in stock, Restaurant Furniture Canada offers many styles and designs to select from. Having worked in the food industry for 12 years, Restaurant Furniture Canada was able to assist the owner with his furniture needs.












For the tables, he chose from the Custom Self Edge Laminated Table Tops as the size, shape, and color can be adjusted to meet your needs. Paired with durable X Prong Table Bases like the owner did, you are presented with high quality long lasting restaurant tables that perfectly match with any décor. Additionally, you have a wider choice of finished designs with a choice of wood edges in different stains.

Built for the rigorous demands of his restaurant, the owner saw these Brown Metal Chairs cushioned with black vinyl upholstery as the answer. Supported by a sturdy metal frame, these metal restaurant chairs provide additional comfort and are made to last. With the right padding, patrons can dine in luxury which was crucial to the owner.

Designed for style and built for permanence, these Button Tufted Back Booths are exclusively made in the USA by Restaurant Furniture Canada’s skilled craftsmen. Constructed of American materials, these restaurant booths are designed to withstand heavy usage in high traffic dining establishments such as Sushi Nami. Customization options are provided and these booths can be altered in size or shape to meet your specifications.  A wide variety of fabric and vinyl options are available as well.

Learn more about Restaurant Furniture Canada’s selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: or contact a sales representative at (888) 998-4222.

Visit Sushi Nami at 827 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS B4A 0J1 Canada. They can also be reached at (902) 407-4649.

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Che Sara Sara Remodels the Restaurant’s Interior with New Seating

Leading commercial furniture distributor helps Italian restaurant improve its décor with a new set of tables and chairs.

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Seating Masters and Che Sara Sara work together to remodel the restaurant’s interior design with  restaurant wood chairs and resin tables.

Che Sara Sara takes you on a journey to the Puglia with its authentic Italian dishes and wine imported from the region.  Located in Settle, Che Sara Sara is one of the only mono restaurants in the entire city. This 20-seat restaurant invites you to experience to the taste of Italy first hand with its traditional dishes such as O recchiette Con Broccoli De Rape along with l’aperitivo – a glass of Proecco wine or cocktail served along with 5 complimentary snacks served during Happy Hour. Snacks feature Italian olives, ciliegine mozzarella, Caprese with tomato and basil bruschetta, della casa, grilled vegetables and potato chips.

This cozy eatery makes for a social hangout for those looking for some natter with food and drinks. Customers can sit down for a relaxing meal they can enjoy Puglian-style. To upkeep the interior design the restaurant as well as to preserve the ambiance for the guests, the owner needed to renovate the dining space of Che Sara Sara. He was looking for restaurant furniture that would highlight his décor.  After hearing about Seating Master’s reputation in manufacturing high quality furniture and excellent customer service, he proceeded to contact experts for their advice and assistance in remodeling his establishment.


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The stylish design of the Wooden Ladder Back Chair with Extended Edges  caught his attention. He felt this chair would enhance his restaurant’s décor. Constructed from solid beechwood and built for long lasting durability, this restaurant wood chair was a perfect seating addition to the owner’s busy restaurant.  The restaurant chair features a walnut finish with nylon glides that prevent damages on the floor. A matching bar stool is available for customers to obtain the cohesive look they desire for their venues.

He then furnished his dining space with several sets of Mahogany and Cherry Resin Table Tops. These tables display a scratch and stain resistant surface enables then to withstand the rigorous demands in a high traffic commercial environment.  The resin gives the table a glossy appearance and also protects it from water damages and stains.

Cruise through Seating Masters selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases, and patio furniture at: or contact a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Che Sara Sara is located at 222 1rst Ave. S Seattle, WA 98104. They can be reached at (206) 622-7688.



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Mundare Bakery Renovates its Dining Space with New Seating

Canadian leading restaurant furniture and bakery in Mundare team up to update its seating layout with new metal chairs and granite tables.












Restaurant Furniture Canada helps with Mudare Bakery with its seating layout arrangements with a supply of elongated vertical back chairs and granite table tops.

A small town with a big heart, Mundare exudes a lot of charm with its museums, national parks hiking trails and many more. The bakery is another attraction among locals and visitors. The bakery made its first grand opening back in 1926 but was assumed under new ownership in 2013. Mundare Bakery is an old fashioned bakery that strives for perfection in the food it serves to its customers. From breads, salads, soups, sandwiches, cakes to pastries, everything is made by hand from scratch in small batches.

Mundare Bakery also offers gluten-free and vegan selections. This home style bakery proudly celebrates its Ukrainian/German heritage by delighting its customers with freshly baked pashka, babka, kolach, and strudel. No preservatives or additives are used! To upkeep the bakery’s interior; management recently renovated the dining space and needed assistance in their seating layout arrangements. A reputable commercial grade furniture distributor in Canada, Restaurant Furniture Canada guided them through finding the right seating for the bakery’s warm décor.

Exclusively made for commercial use, the Elongated Vertical Back Chairs  were ideal for the bakery’s seating needs.  These metal restaurant chairs are constructed to withstand heavy use in busy dining establishments. The fully welded frame along with the chair’s long lasting powder coat guarantees maximum durability. Its classic style compliments any décor. Furthermore, the vertical slats add comfort and beauty to this metal restaurant chair. A choice for a solid wood or upholstered seat is available.

The Economy Granite Table Top is an affordable solution to give any eatery an upscale look without compromising on your budget. Attractive in both price and design, these granite table tops are easy to clean and maintain which was important to the owners at Mundare Bakery. Additionally, they felt that these table tops would provide that extra bit of elegance and beauty for their bakery which is what they were made for.

To view Restaurant Furniture Canada’s full selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases, and patio furniture, visit: or contact a sales representative at (888) 998-4222. Be sure to keep yourself updated on our sales!

Mundare Bakery is located at 5231-50 street Mundare, Alberta CA T0B 3H0. They can be reached at (780) 764-3988 or at


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Terrafina Redesigns its Dining Space

Italian bistro upgrades the restaurant’s interior with new chairs and tables provided by Restaurant Furniture Canada.

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Canada’s leading commercial grade furniture manufacturer facilitates with Terrafina’s project in redesigning its seating layout by supplying wood chairs, metal chairs, and tables.

Terrafina is an upscale casual bistro overlooking a picturesque vineyard with a cozy patio and dining room. The décor exudes a warm charm with an injection of the new world approach. The Tuscan inspired menu features mouthwatering dishes made from fresh ingredients ranging from wood-stone baked bread, house made pizzas, to pastas which perfectly compliment Hester Creek’s award winning wines. Whether you want to participate on a wine tour or looking to have an intimate dining experience, Terrafina aims to provide its guests with a service to remember for a lifetime.

Located in Hester winery former tasting room, the restaurant’s interior was redesigned to provide an intimate dining space with 47 seats, plus additional patio seating under a vine covered trellis. The old brick, wooden pillars and iron chandeliers brilliantly capture the Tuscan character of the winery and restaurant. All that was needed was the appropriate restaurant furniture to complete the décor.  Reputable for its customer service and high quality furniture, the owner contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada to seek its expertise in helping him with his seating layout.



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For the tables, the owner chose from the custom made table tops  along with X prong table bases to create strong restaurant tables.  Custom made table tops are designed to align perfectly with any layout. A choice of color, shape and size are available.  You can combine all these options together to design your ideal table top. Pairing any of these table tops with this specific cast iron table base ensures a long lasting restaurant table that matches with any décor.

Restaurant Furniture Canada supplied the owner with a set of Premium US Made Henry Wood Chairs  and  Interchangeable Back Metal Chairs to complete the entire seating layout with. Tested and approved by BIFMA, these restaurant chairs are a popular choice for seating in high traffic eateries. Standard finishes are included along with the option for custom finishing at an additional cost. These chairs come with a solid wood or upholstered seat. Non marring floor glides are built in to these chairs as well. Matching bar stools are available and recommended to give your restaurant’s interior design the cohesive look you desire.

Restaurant Furniture Canada invites you to browse through their selection of chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here: A customer support representative is available for further assistance at (888) 998-4222.

Terrafina Restaurant is located at 887 Road Oliver, BC V0H 1T1. They can be reached at (250) 498-2229.


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Jacky Chan Sushi Updates its Layout with New Seating

Seating Masters assists sushi restaurant in Wichita with its seating arrangements by providing new restaurant booths, laminated table tops and table bases.

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Leading commercial grade furniture distributor supplies Jacky Chan Sushi with quick-ship booths, reversible table tops and X-prong table bases for its dining space.

Jacky Chan Sushi claimed its fame among the community of Wichita. Customers were already packing into the restaurant’s dining room shortly after its grand opening. The owner, Bihn Tran is still astonished by the turn out of his restaurant. Tran, also known as Jacky Chan, has been making sushi for over 20 years.  He worked at Kwan Court and Sakura before he decided to start his own business. Hence, Jacky Chan Sushi was born.

Located in East Central, Jacky Chan Sushi operates from 11am to 9pm 7 days a week. They also feature a drive thru from 11am to 3pm during the week for the lunch crowd.  The restaurant has recently renovated its interior and now has 7 four tops and therefore seating is limited. The dining space is decorated with Asian designs; all done by the owner’s wife.  The 7 page menu features sushi, noodle rice, stir fry dishes and soups. The owner is anticipating the approval for a liquor license but in the meantime recommends sake with sushi.

Because Jacky Chan Sushi regularly attracts large crowds, Tran needed to reorganize his seating layout.  Reputable for being a trusted vendor of restaurant furniture, Seating Masters prides itself on manufacturing high quality furniture at competitive prices and providing excellent customer service.  With expertise and experience in the food and hospitality industry, Seating Masters was able to facilitate with Tran’s restaurant seating needs for his dining space.


Bihn Tran needed a quick seating solution for his crowded establishment.  He ordered several sets of Quick-Ship Booths both single and double which was necessary to get his venue outfitted in a short amount of time.  These booths are designed to provide comfortable seating to guests.  Within 7 to 14 days, these booths are delivered custom made according to the customer’s specifications.  Made of premium construction, these booths are built to withstand the rigorous demands of any busy commercial environment which was crucial for Tran’s business. A choice of colors for the upholstery and height are available to design these booths to meet your needs.


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He then completed his layout with Reversible Table Tops  along with X Prong Table Bases. Reversible table tops are a perfect option for those on a budget. Made out of 1 1/8″ melamine, these laminated table tops ensure long lasting durability.  The X prong table bases come in a range of sizes and are built to support most of Seating Master’s table tops, including the laminated table tops that Tran purchased.

Learn more about Seating Master’s full collection of chairs, bar stools, booths, tables, and patio furniture here: or contact a sales representative for more information about our items at (888) 998-4222.

Jacky Chan Sushi is located at 7820 E. Harry St. Wichita, KS 67207. They can be reached at  (316) 239-6178.

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