New Trends in Restaurant Furniture: “High Chairs” for Adults

Western-style bars, gentlemen’s taprooms, ice cream parlours, quick meals at a sophisticated eatery, poolside snackbars, old-fashioned diners—there are endless opportunities to expand beyond the traditional table-and-chair style of eating or drinking. Many eating establishments are adding dining menus to their wine and cocktail bars, and that means more need for restaurant furniture that allows a person to enjoy the experience.

Bar stools are definitely making the transition in style. From space-age metal styles to retro swivel stools reminiscent of ‘50s soda shops to elegant upholstery and woods, stools come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. Whether your décor is fast food joint or after-show lounge, whether your customers are teens, seniors, busy business lunchers, or somewhere in between), whether your budget isre sky’s the limit or a real budget, go with a reliable vendor that can offer styles that fit in with your restaurant’s other furnishings, meet your customers’ needs, and are a smart investment in quality.

If you have an older clientele, provide sturdy bar chairs with backs to provide extra comfort (arms are good, too). Diners and fast-food eateries skewed to a younger customer base might like swivels styles that allow for a quick “in and out” and fit a contemporary or retro décor. If your restaurant has the flexibility to offer bar/counter serving as well as standard-height tables and chairs, use the opportunity to flex your creativity to offer a look and comfort that will make the dining experience memorable.

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