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The Restaurant Seating Blog was created with the aim of helping new restaurant owners and restaurant designers to better understand their seating arrangements and design needs.

Our various companies have more than 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of restaurant and commercial furniture – seating layout, theme design and custom products are only some of the tasks that we do on a daily basis. In order to be able to provide the very best up-to-date information we have teamed up with the experts at www.affordableseating.net and www.restaurantfurnituresupply.com

Our blog will provide you with information regarding the various restaurant and dining furniture options available to you; tips on the best commercial furniture for your design and extra information on how to maintain your chairs, table tops, restaurant booths and other furniture in your establishment.

So whether you’re a new restaurant owner or just looking to replace your old décor, we are certain here you will find valuable information to help you. In case you need extra information on relevant subjects that we have not covered yet, just write us a comment. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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