Creating a Romantic Valentine’s Restaurant Setting

Like I promised last time, this post is about easy inexpensive ways to turn your restaurant into a fun, romantic venue for your loving customers.

  1. Pink and red paper hearts. Have your staff make Valentine’s Day hearts and decorate them. You can encourage them to bring in supplies and bring a few from a craft store. Lace, glitter, glue, markers, pens, scissors, silver Sharpies, and construction paper will make this a fun thing your staff can do at home, before work, or after work to brighten up the dining area.
  2. Private and candlelit seating layout. You can wait until Valentine’s Day to rearrange the restaurant chairs and tables, but try to make smaller 2-seaters more isolated and use candles on the table to create a romantic atmosphere. If you can, separate a small section of the restaurant reserved for couples and place a small room divider between it and the rest of the restaurant. You can have a few tables and booths in here that are candlelit.
  3. “Percussion, winds, words.” Take a hint from Sebastian and set up some music that really sets the mood. Find a small band that will play soft, classic romance songs. If you can’t find one that fits your budget, just use a playlist that provides classics like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Andrea Bocelli.
  4. Invite cupids and cherubs. There are plenty of cupid decorations this time of year. Place them on the walls beside the restaurant booths and on the doors. If you want, ask a staff member to dress up as Cupid and carry around toy bows and arrows to entertain your guests. Although it may seem cheesy, it can be a lot of fun and can lighten up the staff’s mood.
  5. Valentine Heart Garland. String Valentine’s Day garland around the restaurant to add some romance to the atmosphere. Be sure to stick with pink and red.
  6. Roses. Roses. Roses. Pink ones, red ones, white ones, swirled ones, singles, dozens, this flower is perfect for table decorations. Either a single glass vase with a single red rose in the middle of a table or a small bouquet against the wall in a larger vase is an easy way to make your restaurant more romantic. Scattered rose petals also work on tables.

These tips will help make decorating your restaurant for Valentine’s Day easy and more affordable. Simple table decorations, wall decorations, music, and mood lighting are all you need to make your restaurant the place to bring a date to.

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