Use Booths to Create a Great Dining Atmosphere

Plain Back Red Restaurant Booth
Restaurant owners, or those thinking about opening a restaurant, have probably spent a lot of time carefully selecting the details and décor that make their restaurants comfortable.  One important part of your restaurant will be the seating and it’s layout.

Seating in restaurants generally falls into two categories- booths or chairs.  If you haven’t already considered installing booths, it may be time to rethink this comfortable, versatile seating.

When considering adding booths to your restaurant, consider the following:

  • How large is your restaurant?  Booths can allow you to seat far more people than tables and chairs.  In small restaurants, booths have the added benefit of allowing foot traffic to flow freely.  Booths are often safer than tables because there are no legs to trip over.
  • What is your clientele?  If you have a family friendly setting, you may want to consider booths that are either made of vinyl or simulated leather that won’t be easily damaged. However, in an upscale restaurant, booths with an elegant fabric would fit in better.  Booths are also easier to clean under than tables, since you will not have to maneuver mops or brooms around table legs.
  • How much can you spend?  No matter what type of furniture you choose, restaurant seating can add up quickly.  In some cases, you can purchase used booths, but you will need to be sure they fit in with your seating layout and are in good condition.  Booths offer you a wide range of price points, from those covered in economical laminated plastic to booths with more plush fabrics.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider purchasing booths for your restaurant.  Most customers prefer booth seating, largely because it provides a certain amount of privacy.  In a restaurant setting, a booth allows customers to feel as though they have a dining area all to themselves, where chairs often require a customer to move around to accommodate passing wait staff and other customers.  Booths allow couples to sit closely together if they prefer, or to sit facing each other to facilitate conversation.  Families in particular love booth settings because they are better able to reach and help children with their meal, as well as keeping kids contained at the table.  Business customers also prefer them because they provide a certain amount of privacy when conducting business meetings at restaurants.

Customers also love booths for the increased comfort that booths provide. Booths provide customers with a place to put purses and jackets without setting items on the floor.  Once you have designed a comfortable layout for booths, remember that there are multiple arrangements that can be used to make booths much more flexible, such as fold out extensions.

Any waiter or waitress can tell you that a majority of customers prefer to be seated in a booth for the comfort and privacy that it offers.  For many restaurants, booths can be a way to utilize space more efficiently as well as make clean-up easier.  If you are considering booths for your restaurant, purchase quality, well made units and you will get years of use out of your new seating.

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