Restaurant Furniture – An Interior Design Check List

The dollar amount you budget for the interior design of your space is contingent upon your location, clientele, finish types, quality of materials used and the design details unique to your environment.

Below you will find some generic topics used in restaurant design. Use this check list to determine if you accounted for most of your decorative needs.

• Flooring: ceramic tile, carpet, stained concrete slab, wood, linoleum, etc.
• Wall covering: paint, wallpaper, faux finish, wainscoting, wood panel.
• Ceiling: paint, moldings, tin ceiling, etc.
• Lighting: task, decorative, etc.
• Window treatments: blinds, curtains, shades, etc.
• Bars: size, style, equipment, finishes
• Furniture: barstools, tables, chairs**, lounge seating, etc.
• Tabletop: centerpieces, tabletop accessories, etc.
• Decorative accessories: artwork, mirrors, pictures, sculpture
• Fixtures: display fixtures
• New additions: new walls, conceptual architectural elements, etc.
• Labor costs: The list above represents material costs. Don’t forget labor
• Structural changes
• Sound Systems
• Acoustical considerations
• Kitchen equipment
• Flexible Nightclub lighting
• Design Consulting Fees
• Sprinkler Systems

This list is to help you get started. We recommend you consult with a professional. Interior Designers can help you save money by taking advantage of their planning, design and construction experience.
Design is a business just like running a restaurant, nightclub or other hospitality organization.
Entering into a renovation project without adequate knowledge can be very costly.

**Many people underestimate the cost of chairs. Chairs can range for $40.00 to $600.00. This range is based on quality and warranty given by the manufacturer. Remember, restaurant furniture set in a busy environment is subjected to extensive abuse. You should not approach furniture that is not backed up by manufacturer’s warranty. Please check carefully for delivery lead times – this is also important when replacement or additional seating is needed.

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