Restaurant Furniture Design: Matchy-Matchy?

Time was, in fashion, everything had to match: hats and gloves, finger- and toenail polish, staying in color families. Then the trend progressed to coordinating—not matching exactly, but a more liberal approach: formerly unmatching colors grouped together, mixing prints with stripes, or big prints with small prints. Then came “whatever makes you happy”: a cheery eclecticism of “anything goes.”

When you are designing your restaurant décor, you can choose any of the above routes—and none is right or wrong. It’s what works for your patrons, for your menu, for your vision. And the route you take translates down to your restaurant furniture choices. Maybe you want your furnishings to be more invisible, so you may choose a quiet chairs and tables in colors, upholstery, and finishes that allow your walls, lighting, and table settings to call attention to themselves. Then again—maybe it’s the opposite for you—striking furnishings that nestle within a less obtrusive décor.

Matchy-matchy? Work with your vendor to find the combo that works for you.

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