Restaurant Furniture Safety Tips

Many restaurant owners overlook the topic of restaurant safety when it comes to providing a safe customer experience to all those who choose to eat or drink at their establishment. As a business owner you will want to avoid any possible liabilities involving your customers or employees. When it comes to the safety of your restaurant, it should be taken just as seriously as sanitary food practices.


Imagine a bar stool that has an uneven leg which will make it unstable. When a customer sits down on the stool they will likely not be expecting it and may possibly fall and injure themselves within the first couple minutes of being in your bar or restaurant. A loose seat on a bar stool can have the same effect. A customer will certainly not enjoy falling off one of your stools and will be even less thrilled with you if they manage to get injured in the process. Tall tables with a pedestal leg can also suffer from a similar problem if one of their legs is missing the tip that it rests on. A person putting a little bit of weight on the table by doing something as simple as leaning on it can result in the whole table flipping and spilling the food and drinks all over the customers and the floor.


Another restaurant furniture that you want to keep an eye on are the chairs. The legs of every chair should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are not loose or tip when sat in. Failure to check your chairs’ legs and backs can result in a customer falling off the chair and potentially suffering a back injury. Be sure to tighten any screws that connect the base of the seat to the seat backs to try to avoid this as much as possible.


Not only do you have to worry about restaurant furniture having legs that are uneven and loose screws, you also need to be sure that the material the chair is made out of doesn’t start to splinter. Wood chairs will of course be the most common material of chair to have this problem, however plastic chairs can degrade and get splinters as well, which will tend to just pinch your customers when they sit in them. Remember that a customer running into problems with your restaurant furniture will just be a reason that may cause them to go somewhere else next time.

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