Restaurant Tables Design: Invest in Comfort

Successful restaurants depend on much more than their menu. Comfort is way up there in the rankings. A five-star dinner may be deemed only two if the chair and table are a source of discomfort and annoyance to the diner. In fact, few things are more annoying to diners than tables that wobble, tilt, or have a base that compromises leg room.

When you are selecting your restaurant furniture, remember to keep comfort in mind. While watching your budget is key to your decision-making process, let your practical side take over. Find tables built to perform, and base your decisions on vendors whose products you can rely on. Furnishings are a major investment; as such, you should require tabletops and bases that can last for years with minimum upkeep and maintenance. And keep in mind that looks are not everything. Though you obviously will be looking for a style in keeping with your establishment, an uncomfortable chair or table that tilts and wobbles is no different from completing a couture outfit with shoes that don’t fit.

That said, make your choices with practicality as a key criterion.

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