New Trends in Restaurant Furniture Design: Be Ready for Big Events

More and more, space permitting, local restaurants are making their premises available for weddings and other large-group events. With today’s tough economic times, restaurateurs are smart to take advantage of the trend away from large weddings and other celebrations to smaller, more intimate affairs. If your restaurant has that possibility, is your restaurant furniture appropriate and up to the task?

Consider your needs, space, and budget. Look to a vendor with stylish folding chairs that work indoors and out (if patio dining is an option that you plan to make available). Painted wood folding chairs can be an attractive option, especially white for weddings. Usually easy to store and taking a minimum of space, these may be the answer to your prayers. More formal, yet space-saving, stackable, wood or metal chairs—for example, the popular and elegant Chiavari style in gold, silver, and burnished copper finishes—can raise the elegance quotient of any event. These are available with and without seat cushions.

Extra flexible seating options are an investment in your success.

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