Restaurant Chair Design: Cater to Baby Boomers

Restaurant ChairsWatch out! Baby boomers are leading the pack of folks with disposable income. And that translates to eating out more often. Not only that, these are folks who, though getting up there in years, do not see themselves as old, simply older. Not aged, but aging. So when you plan your restaurant seating, though you may think your venue will appeal to lots of 20- and 30-somethings, expect an older crowd and be ready to welcome their patronage by furnishing with them in mind.

What does that mean, seating-wise? Comfort, an affluent look and feel, and supportive and sturdy chairs and stools. Let your décor—lighting, wall coverings, art, tableware, and other accoutrements—take style wherever you wish. Just make sure your chairs, stools, booths, and banquettes take every age group into account. You don’t want to miss out on repeat visits from seniors, middle-age daters, grandparents, and anyone over the age of 50. A good vendor can advise you on seating styles that fit your look and fit your patrons of all ages.

Fifty is the new 30. This is an age group that enjoys new trends, trying out new resturants, lounges, clubs, and bars. Be ready for them!

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