Restaurant Chairs Design: Indoor/Outdoor Chairs

Who says you have to use indoor chairs indoors? With so many sleek and stylish outdoor metal chairs available, you can carry your look from indoors to out with ease. Even on the most congested city sidewalks, outdoor dining has caught on in a significant way.

You multitask, so why not do the same with your restaurant chairs? And if a chair can withstand the elements, it’s a cinch that it will stand up to indoor use as well. If you are planning new furniture purchases or restocking, consider seating that can be used inside and out. Your patio furniture selection is likely to have low or no maintenance as a criterion, as well as the usual comfort, looks, and price as other deciding factors. Casual dining venues are especially good places for this design direction. Made from materials such as aluminum, teak, and rattan, outdoor furniture can fit with a range of decors.

Discuss your needs with a vendor who offers both seating and table tops and bases that can fit all location types.

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