Restaurant Furniture Design: Fusion Furnishing

swivel barstoolWhat’s your look? Traditional? Contemporary? Fusion? The options for restaurant chairs, stools, and tables are all over the map—from wood to metal to plastics, from plain to fancy and in between.

The fusion idea is a fun way to approach an innovative décor. Eclecticism has been in vogue for a long time. That mix-and-match idea allows for a lot of creativity in restaurant furnishings. As with fusion cooking—which melds flavors and textures from different cultures and parts of the world—a fusion approach means you can mix metal chairs with wood tables, traditional bar stools in a space-age bar, outdoor chairs used indoors, and so on.

Use your imagination. Let your restaurant furniture reflect your menu or contrast with it. Use colored wood or a plain finish to enhance the textiles used elsewhere. Mix styles. Break the rules. Think outside the box. But never skimp on comfort and construction.

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