Restaurant Table Design: The Plusses About Pedestals

You’re ready to select tables for your restaurant chairs and are pondering legs vs. pedestals. Which way to go? Consider flexibility and practicality.

  • Flexibility: A pedestal table—especially when used with a tabletop that is either round or square/rectangular with drop-leaves—means freedom for legs and chairs. No need to confine the exact placement or number of chairs, since there are no table legs for tender knees to bang into.
  • Practicality: One pedestal vs. four legs. Only one support to worry about. Maintenance is an issue many people disregard when selecting their restaurant furniture.

Key to pedestal selection is to find one that can withstand movement without becoming wobbly, is sturdy enough to withstand getting kicked, is slender enough to allow room for feet from all sides, and is attractive to fit your décor/match your chairs, especially if you are not using tablecloths, which will hide the pedestal from view.

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