Restaurant and Bar Tips for Good Design

restaurant designSo you’ve bought a bar and are looking to be the next Gordon Ramsey, without the excessive swearing at the staff. Well, design can make or break a bar, You’re going to have to set up a design so that you don’t become one of those statistics of closed bars within the first two years. You’ve chosen a hard profession, but with a little help, your design can go a long way in making customers feel comfortable and at home while they eat your delectable dishes. Here’s some basic restaurant design tips.

Entrance Tips

  • You’re going to need ample space for a hostess station where they can welcome guests and see them to their tables. Also consider adequate space for patrons waiting for a table.
  • Some restaurants let you pay at a cash register once they’ve finished. Make this an area on its own where payment can be taken care of. This is not needed if you intend for your customers to pay at the table after their meal.
  • Provide seats for customers who are waiting for tables. No one likes to stand for an hour watching those tasty dishes brush past them.
  • If your restaurant has a bar attached to it, you can use this as a waiting area for customers who have to wait for a table. Assuming your restaurant is a hit and the wait is long.


  • Occasionally used as a waiting area, some full service bars even offer small meals along with drinks so that patrons don’t have to wait to begin eating. Serving small portions may be best so they don’t spoil their appetite on gin and steak.
  • Generally, you should have at least two feet between bar stools for patrons to sit on. You don’t want to get into an elbow war that may end up a scene from an old western saloon argument gone wrong.
  • Choose where to put your bar depending on who you want to accommodate. A bar near the entrance is ideal for waiting patrons. A bar in the middle is easy for waiters and waitresses to access during a rush and a bar placed at the back is more secluded and can offer a place of refuge from the general bustle going on in the restaurant


The lighting in a restaurant is key. You don’t want the light so bright that the patrons can see one another blemishes but not so dark that they pull out their phone and flash its screen to read the menu. The lighting should be just right. Seductive, calming and having almost a romantic atmosphere.

These are just a few tips that will help you get on the right road to making your restaurant a success. There’s so many different factors that contribute to a bars success, so make sure you research all the possible things that might go wrong and remedy them before they have a chance to ruin your chances of becoming world famous. If you still feel like you need help, the best advice would be to hire an interior decorator.

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