Restaurant Furniture Styles

Use restaurant furniture to create a warm atmosphere while serving a function. Guests enjoy the style while staff appreciates easy maintenance pieces.

Restaurant furniture must be easy to care for, sturdy enough to handle a lot of use and maintain a good appearance. The type of restaurant setting in which it will be used will dictate the overall style as well as construction materials. Just as with home furnishings, there are many exciting options including banquettes, booths, chairs, table shapes and heights. Restaurant chairs may be constructed from fine wood, chrome, steel or a combination. Coverings include easy to clean vinyl and tightly woven cloth.

Restaurant furniture enhances overall style and can flow to adjoining areas such as lounges and outdoor patios. Floor coverings, curtains, tablecloths and wall colors should be taken into consideration when ordering fabric-covered pieces. Small, round, bistro tables with wrought iron chairs create an intimate setting, while family style restaurants often use a combination of dining booths and banquet or square tables to ensure adequate seating. Tall tables and backed bar stools are increasingly popular in restaurant/lounge settings.

Developing an overall seating plan and style prior to shopping for restaurant furniture will help business owners determine the best value for their money. Owners who plan to upgrade or replace a few tables or chairs at a time may benefit from sales or by choosing from lines that are considered open stock.

Chair construction should be considered when purchasing restaurant furniture due to the amount of wear they receive. Most will have gliders to protect flooring and will move easily when diners are entering and leaving their seats. These gliders can be easily purchased and replaced if necessary; however, they generally last for years. Stackable chairs are convenient for businesses that host conventions or large parties and can be easily stored out of the way. Large folding banquet tables are also useful for the same events and are easy to move and store.
Many businesses offer patio or garden seating for customers in summer months or as outdoor smoking areas and require furniture that can withstand the elements. Styles may vary from picnic tables, garden sets or fine furniture depending upon the location and exposure to the elements. Careful consideration should be given to these areas just as to the interior, using a combination of large and small seating areas to accommodate couples or parties.

Restaurant furniture that serves form and function will help to enhance any restaurant or lounge as it creates atmosphere. Customers appreciate being able to choose from a cozy table or a large area where friends and family can join them. Waiting staff appreciates easy to clean surfaces and pieces that allow them to pass easily between customers without being cramped. Consider mixing a variety of sizes and shapes of restaurant furniture to accommodate guests.

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