Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant

Restaurant FurnitureCreating the perfect restaurant requires a lot of ingredients- and not just the ones you use to cook with!  Chances are, your guests will never see the inside of your kitchen, but they will enjoy their meal in the comfort of the seating area of your restaurant.  This is why choosing the right furniture for your restaurant is so important.

When you are ready to select new or replacement furniture for your establishment, there are some important things to consider:

  • What conditions will your furniture be exposed to?  If you are opening an outdoor café, your furniture will likely get wet, snowy, and even muddy.  Furniture for outdoor establishments needs to be rugged while still providing a comfortable and welcoming spot for diners.  If you will only be using furniture indoors, you have more options in terms of materials and fabrics for seating.  You should select restaurant furniture that will stand up to the every day use it will see.
  • Who are your clientele? Furniture for an upscale dining establishment will see less wear and tear than the booths in a family-friendly diner.  If you plan to cater to kids, think about the spills and stains that are likely to result from kids dining at your restaurant.  You will want to look for sturdy furniture, stain resistant and easy to clean fabrics, not to mention, durable finishes. If you plan to attract grown-up diners, you will still need to balance the look of luxury with the need for easy to clean materials.
  • How big is your restaurant? If you have space constrictions, you will want to factor that in to your furniture decisions.  Booth seating often offers you the ability to seat a larger number of people in a smaller space while leaving walkways open.  However, guests in restaurants that attract large groups will expect tables that can be rearranged to accommodate larger parties.  You should also consider the amount of space that a customer will need to comfortably eat- you should provide a sufficient amount of room at each dining seat so that customers are not bumping into each other as they enjoy a meal.
  • How is the furniture constructed? Chances are you dine around a table with four legs or a single pedestal at home.  In a restaurant , tables take far more abuse than they do in a residence, and so you need to consider the construction of furniture before you purchase it.  Keep in mind the finish on the furniture, which should be able to withstand hot plates and wet glasses without becoming damaged.  Also remember that pieces should last your restaurant for many years, so you will want to select items that are constructed to withstand heavy use.
  • What are your fabric choices? If you are purchasing upholstered furniture, whether that is restaurant booths or chairs or even waiting area seating, think about the fabric choices available to you.  While laminated plastic is inexpensive and durable, it will look out of place in an upscale eatery.  You should choose fabrics that compliment the décor of your restaurant, not just fabrics that appear sturdy.

The right furniture can make or break your restaurant:

Regardless of how great your food is, guests will be unlikely to come back to a restaurant where they aren’t able to comfortably enjoy their meal.  Your wait staff will also thank you for careful consideration of your restaurant’s furniture choices.  Spending time to select the perfect furniture is a little like adding the finishing touch to your best dish.

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