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Today when people are busy working all day long they feel like they have less time to spend as a family during the work week. This is why many families like to go out with their children for dinner. This way they are saving time preparing the meal at home and spending it with the kids while also letting the kids have a fun outing as a family.

But this means that the restaurants they choose to visit must be kids friendly.

So, what things would be found in a restaurant that was family oriented?

Firstly, ask yourself what would a family expect to get in such a restaurant.  What kind of seating outlay would there be?  It would have to have plenty of space in between the table, chairs and booths so that the parents can move freely between their place and their children. Also kids like to run around and move from place to place so needs to taken into account as well. And don’t have floors with carpets, it will get way too dirty. However if kids are able to freely run around then a soft  indoor-outdoor carpet should be used, as that is very easy to clean.

This is where the seating outlay would come in.  Try to plan out where the seating will go before putting anything in the place.  There should be a section for big families with loud kids and ones that are small and quiet.  Also think about using restaurant booths for a kid friendly atmosphere.  A mix of dining booths and restaurant chairs and tables is the optimal idea when trying to cater to a mixed crowed.

The other things that anyone that is making a kid friendly restaurant needs are crayons and fun coloring menus. If you find it hard to think of ideas and don’t want to spend too much money on this issue, search the internet for ideas and examples and ask permission from the original creators to use their design perhaps offering a small payment as compensation.

Highchairs and booster seats are the next things to think about getting.  Also, if someone really wants to appeal to kids make the restrooms kid accessible. This means using  little potties so that their legs can reach the floor and sinks that are low enough for the kids to reach.  Balloons, toys and other small surprises such as stickers given as a treat with their meals is also a great idea.

Try thinking up other ways that will get parents and kids into the restaurant again and again. If kids have fun they will always want to go back to the same place and will influence the parents decision of where to go.  If your restaurant is new then marketing is very important in order to get the word out . Try thinking of a mascot to bring in business and that will be fun for the kids to interact with. have it stand outside the restaurant giving away fliers or use the mascot in local events to build up interest.

Remember to keep the kids in mind when designing the restaurant but don’t forget about the parents either, they too need to feel comfortable and enjoy their time there. Really think about what is going to be in the restaurant, make a list to see what is needed, ask your clients, big and small, what they would like to see in your establishment and check out other similar places to get more ideas for what to do and what not to do so you can be successful.

Good luck, and have fun!

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