Honor Heroes at Your Establishment

As you’ve noticed, I decided to write a series of posts that will help you not only increase your income and number of customers but will also benefit the customers themselves.

This time the focus is on the men and women in uniform.

As we have seen time and time again, the world is a better place with the brave military men and women, firefighters, policemen, and paramedics. They put their lives on the line to help people each day, going into places and situations that would make most people pale with fear. They have jobs that most people don’t want and that even more people couldn’t handle. As the owner of a bar or a restaurant, you are in a position to give these folks a little bit of recognition.

Set aside one day per week for each of the above professions. On one day, you can offer discounts on meals or drinks to the men and women in uniform. On another day, you can honor the firefighters and the paramedics by offering them discounts. Then, give the policemen their discounts on yet another day. You may even want to offer free desserts or something similar to them and whomever they happen to be dining with at the time. They are sure to appreciate these tokens of gratitude on your part.

When you show your community that you care about the people that help to make it safe, it can foster a sense of closeness to your establishment. Even those who aren’t in one of those professions might be more likely to frequent your place because you are taking care of those who deserve it.

You can also offer your restaurant or bar for events that the local police or firefighters might be throwing. If they are having a retirement party, a promotion party, or any other event, let them know that you are willing to offer the space. Not only will you get the business of the event, but you will also be able to get your bar or restaurant’s name out among more people as word spreads.

While discounted meals and drinks aren’t going to completely make up for all of the hard work that these men and women do, it does show your appreciation and that you care. Plus, if you have these special discounts for folks such as these, you can be sure that a lot more firefighters, cops, medics, and soldiers will be coming into your place to dine or to drink. You can be sure that your establishment is going to be a lot safer for it too!

Best of all, you are doing your part to honor those who deserve it.

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