Doorknob Hangers and Flyers Still Work for Bar and Restaurant Promotion

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For many years, one of the tried and true methods of getting people to come into a restaurant or a bar for the first time was through handouts. The flyers that get stuffed under windshields and the doorknob hangers that you put on the doors in the neighborhood were once a good way of getting the word out about your place. Do they still work in the digital age?

You might be surprised, but they do still offer some great benefits. One of the nice things about flyers and door hangers is that they are very cheap to produce. The door hangers are going to be a bit more expensive than the flyers are in most cases, but when you order them in bulk the price is well worth it. They are much cheaper than many other types of advertising out there today.

You need to make sure that you have a high quality flyer and hanger though, and you need to make sure that it has all of the pertinent information. It needs to have the establishment’s name, address, phone number, and website. It should also have some type of call to action that makes the customer want to use it.

If someone sees a flyer on their car, and it doesn’t have anything that interests them, they aren’t going to bother looking at it. However, if you have coupons right on the flyer or door hanger that they can use, they will be much more likely to hold onto it. Offer a free dessert or a buy one get one free drink special. Even if they don’t use the coupon, they might give it to a friend or keep the flyer for a reference when trying to decide where to go out one night. You need to have those coupons on the ad; otherwise, people are likely to toss it.

Of course, even with all of the promotion in the world, nothing is going to save your bar or restaurant if there are problems with the establishment itself. You need to put just as much effort in to making sure that the place is welcoming and that it exudes the type of ambience that you are aiming for. You need to make sure that you have the proper restaurant furniture and decor, as well as comfortable tables and chairs.

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