Employee Vouchers Can Boost Your Bar or Restaurant

Since your employees spend so much time at your bar or restaurant, they are the perfect people to help you market effectively. Their word of mouth can help to bring in more people to your establishment. However, you want to be able to reward them for helping you promote, and when you offer some type of incentive, you will find that they work even harder for you. The following is a great idea that you might want to employ to see just how much more business it will be able to bring into your place.

You are going to create employee vouchers. It is simple, and it can be a wonderful way to get more people to come into your restaurant or bar, even if they didn’t have any intention of visiting. Print up a large number of vouchers that offer discounted meals or drink specials. Anyone who presents them at your bar or eatery will get this discount. Make sure that the voucher has an expiration date.

Pass stacks of these vouchers out to all of your employees. Make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of the vouchers from the bouncers to the hostess to the bartenders, wait staff, busboys, chefs, dishwashers . . . you get the idea. Have them initial the back of each voucher and then pass them out to anyone that they wish.

As people come into your place and use the vouchers, collect all of them. At the end of this promotion period, you will count up all of the vouchers. Whichever of your employees has the highest number of vouchers coming back to the restaurant or bar is deemed the winner.

To make it worth their time for passing out the vouchers to people they believed would come in, make sure that you have a prize that is worthy of their effort. There is any number of different prizes you could choose, from an MP3 player to an e-reader to a gift card. Just make sure that the prize is large enough that your employees are going to be competing. Have some smaller prizes for second and third place as well.

You will find that this healthy competition amongst the staff can do a lot to bring in more people to your establishment. It is fun for everyone involved, and the customers are happy because they are able to save some money on their food or drinks.

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