Frequent Loyal Diners Deserve Rewards

If you have been in business for a while, you have probably started to see some familiar faces around your restaurant. Those customers that come in a few times a month, once a week, or even a few times a week are your best and most loyal customers. They probably even sit in the same area each time that they come into your place. You and the rest of the staff may even know them by name.

You want to treat them well, and you want other customers to follow their lead. It would be a wonderful world if you could count on all of your customers to come back day after day, wouldn’t it! A great way to repay those loyal customers is by offering a stamp card so that they will be able to save a little bit of money and feel welcomed and appreciated.

The card can have several spots on the back – generally around 12. Each time the customer comes in and orders an entrée, a buffet meal or the like, your employees can stamp their card. After the customer reaches those 12 stamps, they are entitled to a free meal and you replace their card with a brand new one. They will keep coming back, and you can be sure that they are going to tell their friends about it. When they bring others to your restaurant, you are the winner because you are able to meet and greet some new blood.

The stamp card works well if you have daily buffets or brunches throughout the week.  However it can really work with just about any type of restaurant that you might own. It is also quite effective if you have more than one eatery in town and you allow the card to be stamped at any of your locations.

Of course, you might still think that this type of promotion doesn’t work with all types of restaurants, mostly because a high end restaurant probably isn’t going to use stamps. You might be right. However, that doesn’t mean that those restaurants can’t benefit from a similar type of promotion. Consider having a guestbook for your regular customers, and once they reach that magic number of visits, offer them a free meal or a deep discount. Even those who are eating at a high class, 4-star restaurant like to save money from time to time!

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