Have a Fundraiser Night at Your Restaurant

Most people like the thought of giving to a worthy charity, but they don’t always have the extra money to donate. As a restaurant owner, you can appeal to this desire in people to do good things and promote your restaurant at the same time. Consider holding a fundraiser night at your eatery. Donate a portion of your proceeds for the evening to a charity.

Choose Your Charity Wisely

There are a number of great charities out there, and many of them are very worthy of your donations. However, each person has their own idea of which charity is the most worthy, and if you talk with your employees about which charity you should choose, you will find that you are going to get quite a few different answers. Some will want you to donate to the Red Cross, while others might want to you donate to a local school.

When you are choosing your charity, you should be the one that makes the final decision, but that doesn’t mean that you should just choose the first charity that you find. Consider donating to a local charity. That way, people will feel as though they are doing something good for their community just by going out to dinner. You don’t have to choose a local charity though. Choose the one that your head and heart tells you is right.

Advertise Your Intentions

You want to get more people into your restaurant, but the only way to do that is with advertising. Holding a fundraiser for charity at your restaurant is certainly newsworthy. Contact your local newspaper and even a local news station if there is one in the vicinity. Let them know what you are doing and their articles and segments will do quite a bit of the promo work for you.

Another way to let people know that you are holding an event for charity is to post about it on your blog, website, and social networking sites. Tell everyone, including your customers, to spread the word. Have some flyers printed and hand them out. Make sure that everyone who comes into your restaurant before the big day knows about the fundraiser that is coming up.

When you host one of these fundraisers, you are not only helping out some worthy causes, you are also putting your restaurant’s name in front of many more people.

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