Restaurant Design 101

Did you know that 60% of restaurants fail within their first three years of opening? This number is much smaller than the common 1-in-10 myth, but new restaurants still have only a 40% chance of making it in today’s market. The percentage can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to discourage you. Opening a restaurant, like any other business venture, is all about using your skills and your intelligence to give the best product and service that you possibly can. If you use all the advantages you have in your arsenal, you will increase the odds of your restaurant not becoming just another statistic.

When diners come to a restaurant they want to feel as if they are not only being fed, but entertained as well. They want a dining experience that will entertain and stay fresh and memorable in their mind for a long time to come. Smart and knowledgeable restaurant owners know that restaurant design plays a big part in entertaining their customers.

Besides the quality of food and service, restaurant design can be a major factor in the success or failure of your restaurant. A well planned restaurant layout and design begin with market research, understanding trends, and ends in a well executed design based on those factors. Diners want to have an experience like no other and as the restaurant owner; it is your job to provide that experience.

How a restaurant is designed can add to or take away from the experience. Restaurant furniture is oftentimes the solid foundation of a restaurant design. Having restaurant furniture that is not only functional, but appealing as well, will enhance the overall design of the restaurant. A restaurant’s furniture should go hand-in-hand with its theme and overall feel. If you are pushing towards a more casual restaurant, having restaurant furniture that is too ornate or ceremonial will make the restaurant design less uniform and create an imbalance that diners will pick up on.

Restaurant design and restaurant furniture should go hand-in-hand when developing the theme or flavor of the restaurant. The message or theme should be uniform from the lobby area to the restrooms, from the dining area to where the bill is paid at the end of the meal. Diners should be able to get a clear and concise image of what your restaurant is all about as this will ensure a memorable experience, thereby guaranteeing the diner’s return in the future and ensuring a lasting profit for your restaurant.

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