Celebrate or Commiserate the Home Team at Your Sports Bar

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Lately we’ve been busy furnishing some new sports bars and that gave us the idea to write a few posts with tips and ideas directed specifically at sport bar owners. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a sports bar you can’t get anything out of reading these ideas. Actually, if you use your imagination and change the theme so as to match your own venue you will be able to use the tips here to your advantage as well.

So, let’s start:

Your hometown team won the big game, now what are you going to do?

As a bar owner, you need to capitalize on the success of your team right away. Chances are that a large number of your regulars and some new blood came into the bar to watch the game. They came, they watched, they drank, and they celebrated. Does that mean that the next day it’s back to business as usual? No it does not. In fact, you can capitalize of your team’s win for quite a while, and here’s how you can do it.

You know how they have the t-shirts and hats printed that say “Super Bowl Champions” for both teams prior to the game even being played, just so they can hand the shirts to the winners the minute they walk off the field? You should do the same thing with your promotions. Have a few flyers and online ads ready to post.

One ad is congratulating your home team and says that you will have discounted drinks ready for those who want to celebrate for the entire week at your place. The other ad is one full of sorrow at their loss, but it still offers those same drink specials for the week. In the latter case, you can let people know that they can come into the bar and commiserate the loss with other sports fans. In addition to the ads, you will want to make sure that you post on your social networks and your blogs about the specials you are having. They are great and quick ways to get the word out about the happenings at your bar.

After the game, win or lose, people are going to want to come into your bar if they know that you are having specials and that they will find like minded people who want to talk about the win (or the unfortunate loss as the case may be). You will likely find that you have a lot of new customers during this time, and now is when you want to start wooing these folks so that they come back. Share in the joy with your customers when your team wins. Simple as it might sound, even a simple bond such as that can bring more folks into your bar and turn them into repeat customers.

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