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3D Booth DesignerOver the past year we have given quite a few tips about marketing and managing a successful restaurant. However, designing a restaurant in such a way as to be both comfortable and efficient is a hard thing to do.

We have written a few articles about Feng Shui for restaurant and how to use it for our advantage but there are some even more basic aspects that need to be taken into account.  Things that at first seem simple and obvious and are therefore often overlooked. We are talking about correctly choosing the furniture to your dining venue.

For example, when you buy restaurant tables, it is often cheaper and easier to buy table tops and table bases separately rather than buying the table in one piece (shipping charges alone are worth buying the parts separately). The only problem with this is knowing which base goes with which top. You can buy the strongest base but it might mean that you are paying more than you have to. And although for one table this won’t affect the price much, if you need a large number of items the price adds up to a significant amount.

This is why on Affordable Seating ‘s site you can find a number of tools that will help you in choosing exactly the items you need. You can find there a diagram that helps you match the table size to the number of diners and another one that will tell you the base size that best matches that top.

In addition, you will find a calculator that will let you see how many restaurant booths you can fit on your wall depending on both the size of the wall and the booths. But by far the most interesting tool is the one that lets you see in 3D how a dining booth will look with your choice of fabric and color. All you have to do is choose the booth’s design, fabric and color and whether the booth is a wall bench or 90 degrees. Once those steps are done you will be able to see in 3D how the booth will look.

There are more interesting articles and calculators in their help center that you can use to better understand exactly what you need for your restaurant or bar. The best thing is that all the tools are free and require no registration to use!  So what are you waiting for?

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