Restaurant Table Design: Drop-Leaf Flexibility

Not one of the most time-honored inventions, certainly, but drop-leaf tables can be saviors to restaurants that need their versatility. Go from square or rectangular to round or oval in a flash, and accommodate larger parties without sacrificing a lot of space or using up whole tables to serve only a couple of extra patrons.

Work with your vendor to find table tops finishes and pedestal styles that work with drop-leafs. Make sure you still plot out the floor plan to make sure that when you do open the leaves that there is still a viable traffic pattern for both patrons and waitstaff.

Be alert to leaves that may loosen on their hinges or not be level with the rest of the table tops. Find out how to best maintain and operate the leaves. Make sure you select sturdy drop-leaf table tops that can still withstand heavy dishes, serving pieces, and people leaning on them.

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