Restaurant Table Design: Square Peg in a Round Hole?

You wouldn’t think that something as basic as a table top could make such a difference in atmosphere and ambiance, but that’s a reality for restaurant tables. Have you wrestled with the question of whether to select round, square, or rectangular?

Luckily, your selection of a vendor with a range of versatile products can help solve your dilemma.

Square table tops mean that you will be restricted to seating four for standard height and two for pub height. Round tops mean that you may be able to seat five at standard height and three for pub. Yes—maybe a bit of a squeeze depending on the diameter, but it does allow for a little flexibility for odd-numbered parties. Round tables also tend to add to a cozier, more intimate feel in dining rooms. Rectangular tops are must-haves for banquettes and booths, but also are good choices for venues catering to couples who like side-by-side seating. If your space and traffic patterns permit, mix them all together for an electric look and feel.

Consider, too, if you have the space to cater to larger parties, which means you’ll want to reduce the number of round tabletops in favor of squares and rectangles that you can group together.

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