Host a Singles Event at Your Restaurant

I already discussed the topic of bringing in more customers by hosting a singles night. This post is adding a few tips and insights into what has already been mentioned before to create a better review of the concept and to help you make the most of the idea.

The logistics of hosting a singles event might be tricky at first, but it is possible to do. Here are some tips that you can use to figure out how to start your own restaurant-styled singles night.

First, what is your slowest day of the week? You are going to want to choose that as the night that you hold your event since you have the potential to earn equal to or more money during this night than you regularly would. Once you know the day that you are going to hold your event, you will be able to continue with the rest of the preparations.

You will want to prepare a special menu for the evening. You will want to focus on appetizers and drinks, although people should still be able to place orders for full meals if they wish. Even though you won’t be making as much money off of the food and the drinks that you are serving, people are paying for the event itself. You might even want to offer free appetizers buffet style as a way of getting people to the event.

How are you going to make money if you aren’t charging for the appetizers? First, you will still be charging for the drinks. Second, you can charge an entrance fee for people to attend. Add a percentage on top of what you usually make per guest at your restaurant to make up for having fewer customers. You might just find that you can make more money this way than you would on your regular slow nights.

Have separate tables set up where people can mingle and get to know one another. Consider it a party where no one really knows each other. You may even want to have your host or hostess at the event to help introduce people and get the ball rolling. Another option is to set up tables for speed dating. The options are wide open.

If your event is successful, you might want to consider hosting one once per month, perhaps even more often if you are in a large city that is just full of singles looking to connect. And don’t forget – Make sure that you advertise on your site or blog as well as in the local paper!

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